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Sep 21 2022

Bitcoin Mining Profitability Returns To 2020 Levels, But Why?

Data shows the Bitcoin mining profitability has dropped down to just 2020 levels, here are some reasons behind this trend. Bitcoin Daily Miner Revenues Declined Almost 10% In Last Week Alone As per the latest weekly report from Arcane Research, BTC miners are now making just $17.9 million per day, the lowest since November 2020. A relevant indicator here is the "...

Sep 02 2022

Bitfarms Reports Higher BTC Production Following Increase In Miner Revenues

Public bitcoin miners have had a difficult couple of months since the price of bitcoin dropped below the $30 level. The digital asset’s mining revenues had plummeted with the price and had brought down the cash flow on bitcoin miners with it. Despite this decline, some bitcoin miners are taking the bear market head-on, using this as a time to build. Bitfarms Increases...

Aug 09 2022

Bitcoin Miner Revenue Slows Down As BTC Price Slumps Sideways

Data shows the growth in the Bitcoin miner revenues has slowed down during the past week as the price of the crypto has been moving sideways. Bitcoin Miner Revenues Rose During The Last Seven Days, But By Only 1.6% As per the latest weekly report from Arcane Research, the BTC miner revenues have now stagnated after observing some significant growth recently. Here is...

Jul 28 2022

Bitcoin Miner Revenues See Double-Digits Increase As Price Recovers

Bitcoin miner revenues took a tumble over the last few months when the price had plummeted. It had dealt a massive blow to the miners whose primary revenue relied on the price of the bitcoin. As such, their activities had been stunted, and a good number risked going into bankruptcy. The last few weeks had also seen a consistent decrease in daily miner...

Jun 21 2022

Bitcoin Miner Revenues Now 61% Lower Than Past Year Average

Data shows Bitcoin miner revenues have been coming under stress recently as they are now making 61% less than the average during the last year. Bitcoin Miner Revenues Come Under Pressure As Puell Multiple Sharply Drops As per the latest weekly report from Glassnode, the miner income contraction right now is greater than during the Great Migration of May-July 2021. The "...

Jun 07 2022

Bitcoin Miners Sell As Mining Revenues Come Under Stress

Data shows Bitcoin miners have been selling in recent weeks as their revenues have come under stress due to the struggling price of the crypto. Bitcoin Miners Are Currently Selling An Average Of 3.3k BTC Per Month As per the latest weekly report from Glassnode, miners had been accumulating during the initial drawdown from the all-time high, but recently they have broken...

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