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Dec 02 2020

Bitmix.biz: Anonymous Bitcoin Mixer

The convolution of encryption is expanding, demanding more computing dynamism and time to mine new coins, but this case does not change the position with the theft of bitcoins. Although counterfeiting Bitcoin is now almost inconceivable, scammers from all over the world are continually discovering new methods to steal them from both crypto exchanges and common users. So, how to achieve complete Bitcoin...

Oct 26 2020

How Bitcoin Mixers Help Protect Privacy

This is a promoted article provided by bitcoinmix.org. Bitcoin mixers are services that mix BTC from different sources to obscure their transaction history. Using these services, Bitcoiners can protect their privacy and keep prying eyes from assessing the history of their funds or other information about them. Bitcoin addresses are pseudonymous, and don’t inherently reveal the specific real-world identity of their owners, but...

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