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Apr 20 2022

National TV Exposure: “60 Minutes Overtime,” About The Bitcoin Beach Wallet

As it turns out, the “60 Minutes” report on Bitcoin Beach that we recently covered had a hidden segment. The title is “The tech behind the...

Apr 15 2022

To Test The Lightning Network, CNBC Sent BTC To A Ukranian In Poland. The Result?

Mainstream media, CNBC to be exact, experienced the power of Lightning. The article’s snatchy title says it all, “We sent bitcoin from Miami to a Ukrainian in Poland who withdrew it as cash, all in less than three minutes.”...

Mar 03 2022

Lamar Wilson Explains Bitcoin’s Value Prop In Black America’s Biggest Radio Show

Entrepreneur and bitcoin educator Lamar Wilson brought the heat to The Breakfast Club. The self-proclaimed “World's Most Dangerous Morning Show” airs in most U.S. radio markets, plus it lives as a podcast and as a YouTube show. So, this is as mainstream as it gets. And bitcoiners made their way to it, as they seem to...

Feb 25 2022

Since Bitcoin, Tourism Is Up By 30% In El Salvador. How Did The Media React?

Tourism is booming in El Salvador. Since September, when the Bitcoin Law went into effect, it’s up by “more than 30%.” Good news all around, right? But, how did the media react? How did they report on these numbers? We’ll find out after the quotes from Morena Valdez, Minister of Tourism, who...

Feb 19 2022

Marty Bent Explains The Importance Of Bitcoin Self-Custody In U.S. National TV

Once again, bitcoin takes the big stage. Marty Bent, host of the “Tales From The Crypt” podcast, told a national audience: “They can only seize your digital currency, your bitcoin, if you’re holding it in an exchange.” It was in controversial TV personality Tucker Carlson’s show. The general theme, once again, was...

Feb 18 2022

How Loaded Is The WSJ’s Latest Article On El Salvador’s Bitcoin Adoption? VERY

The WSJ proves once again that the Bitcoin Law in El Salvador is still the story of the century. Their latest article about it is… a little one-sided. The WSJ and other legacy publications are losing their minds. The press could focus on the legitimate criticism that President Bukele’s government gets, but no, they have to mix it with saltines, bitcoin clichés, and...

Feb 12 2022

The Norwegian Bitcoin Mine That Uses Green Energy And Dries Wood As A By-Product

Another day, another bitcoin mine that uses green energy to operate. We have to highlight these initiatives to show how bitcoin and green energy are a complete match. They’re not at odds with each other as the FUDers want you to think. This time, it was...

Feb 08 2022

Tucker Carlson Explains Bitcoin’s Value Proposition In U.S. National TV

The Bitcoin For Truckers campaign made it on Tucker Carlson Tonight, the controversial and conservative TV host’s show on Fox News. The most important thing, though, it’s that Bitcoin’s value proposition shined bright in the mere center of his speech. Say what you will about Tucker Carlson, but this is the kind of advertising money can’t buy. Related Reading |...

Aug 12 2021

Jordan Peterson Inquires About Bitcoin And We All Learn. Part 2/ 2

The important thing about this podcast episode is, Jordan Peterson has a sizable audience. His viewers are probably not exposed to Bitcoin, and their first impression will arrive with the best quality of information possible. Everyone involved should be proud. Anyway, make sure to...

Jordan Peterson Learns About Bitcoin And The Whole World Benefits. Part 1.

It’s amazing how fast Jordan Peterson caught on to the complex ideas behind Bitcoin. The Canadian psychologist and media personality invited four very different Bitcoin experts to his podcast. Their conversation is deep but easy to follow, a treasure for future educators. It’s not exactly a Bitcoin 101 class, Peterson is so sharp that he easily grabs the core concepts and, armed with...

May 18 2021

Legacy Records, The First Record Label Paying Music Artists In Crypto

From painters to digital artists to musicians, crypto continues to find integration across artistic mediums. Music continues to be a field that is ripe for revitalization, from a business standpoint. Accordingly, a number of different musicians have been releasing songs and albums as NFTs. Now, we have what's being reported as the first official record label looking to get involved. The label looks...

Dec 14 2020

dCloud Storage Platform SINOVATE & Blockchain Marketing Agency Bitcoin PR Buzz Announce Partnership

dCloud storage platform SINOVATE and veteran crypto marketing agency Bitcoin PR Buzz announce a key partnership to highlight the increasing need for a more viable long-term dCloud data solution, and reinforce the importance of industry partnerships for the adoption of dCloud worldwide.

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