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Oct 27 2021

Bitcoin Price Pullback To $60,000 Is An Opportunity To Buy The Dip

Bitcoin price fails to break the resistance at $64,000, resulting in losses back to $60,000. Investors are expected to buy the dip as anticipation for $70,000 grows. Bitcoin dropped slightly below $60,000 over the last weekend but recovered almost immediately, touching highs of $63,675 on Monday. Rising overhead pressure made it increasingly difficult for bulls to keep the uptrend intact on Tuesday. According...

Oct 25 2021

Bitcoin Price Pullback Holds Above $59,000 As Bulls Plot Ultimate Rally To $70,000

Bitcoin renews the uptrend above $62,000 as bulls look forward to new record highs. The short-term technical picture appears positive for BTC apart from a sell sig al from the MACD. Bitcoin recently rose to a new all-time high amid the speculation accompanying the approval of the first BTC futures ETF. The flagship cryptocurrency lifted to slightly...

Oct 22 2021

Bitcoin Price Prediction – Why did Bitcoin Price Crash?

The cryptocurrency market recently saw a huge spike in prices. Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency by market cap saw a rise of more than 10% in the past 7 days. Today on the other hand was a red day. The cryptocurrency market on an aggregate level lost around 4%. Most investors are already dreading their sudden "leap of faith" and are regretting buying...

Oct 20 2021

INSANE! Bitcoin Surpasses ALL-TIME HIGH and Eyes 70K! Here’s What’s Next

The day is finally here! Bitcoin managed to finally breach its all-time high price of USD 64,400. This led the entire cryptocurrency market to rally and push upwards. Volumes across exchanges are smashing high while investors who sat on the fence...

Oct 18 2021

Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC Return To $62,000 Extends Winning Streak Aiming For $68,000

Bitcoin price returns above $62,000 and nearly touches $63,000 for the first time since mid-April. As affirmed by the general technical picture, BTC is in the bulls’ hands; a break above $65,000 would quickly push BTC to $68,000. Bitcoin settled above $62,000 following an impressive run last week. The move allowed more bulls to join The post Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC Return To...

Oct 14 2021

Bitcoin Price Prediction – Can Bitcoin reach USD 100,000 before 2022?

Many have been anticipating a Bitcoin price of USD 100,000 back in the early days. From price predictions of USD 10,000 to USD 20,000 and USD 50,000, crypto analysts were being mocked by traditional bankers and analysts. For them, those valuations were crazy....

Oct 11 2021

Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC Continues Explosion To $60,000 Amid A Whale Buying Spree

Bitcoin price kicks of the new week’s trading above $56,000 as the distance to $60,000 reduces. BTC potential keeps growing with every passing day, bolstered by a high accumulation from the whales. Bitcoin completed the weekend with remarkable action above $56,000. In the last couple of weeks, the flagship cryptocurrency has flipped many resistances into The post Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC Continues Explosion...

Oct 05 2021

Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC Closes In On $50,000 But Is The Uptrend To $55,000 Viable?

Bitcoin price held support at the 50-day SMA on Monday, prompting bulls to retake control for gains above $55,000. A daily close above $55,000 might validate the uptrend to $55,000, but delays are expected in the hurdle between $52,000 and $53,000. Bitcoin is on the verge of a breakout above $50,000 for the first time The post Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC Closes In...

Oct 04 2021

Oct 01 2021

Bitcoin Price Prepares Colossal Move To $50,000 As US Promises Not To Ban Crypto Like China

Bitcoin price ascends close to $44,000, but the uptrend slows before confirming breakout above the falling wedge pattern. The US will not follow China and ban cryptocurrencies but maintains there is a need to regulate stablecoins. Bitcoin has in the last 24 hours shook the ground, lifting above $43,000. The largest cryptocurrency closed the gap The post Bitcoin Price Prepares Colossal Move To...

Sep 23 2021

Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC Rolls Down The Runway Ahead Of Takeoff To $48,000

Bitcoin bulls flex their muscle with a rebound from $40,000 to $44,000. A golden cross pattern in the daily chart hints at the uptrend achieving more than just listing to $48,000. Bitcoin bulls fought tooth and nail to defend the support at $40,000 earlier this week. The largest cryptocurrency has initially corrected from highs close The post Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC Rolls Down...

Sep 17 2021

Aug 27 2021

Bitcoin Price Prediction – Can Bitcoin reach 60K again? Maybe, read on.

Bitcoin managed to gain massive momentum recently. In fact, it looks like it's on its way back to its previous all-time high of 65K. On the other hand, many skeptics are still finding it hard to witness such a high price for something that "doesn't exist" in the...

Aug 21 2021

Bitcoin Price Prediction – BTC reaching 50K again! Here’s what to do

After an impressive recovery, Bitcoin managed to flip all skeptics and surge back. Many traders expected that Bitcoin prices were going to sink further or even consolidate further around its 30K mark. On the contrary, Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency market...

Aug 20 2021

Bitcoin Price Renews Bid For $50,000 After Nearly $5 Billion Exchange Outflows

Bitcoin price regains ground above $47,000 after testing $44,000 crucial support mid-week. Roughly 111,000 BTC withdrawn from known exchange wallets, creating a perfect environment for Bitcoin to swing higher. Bitcoin has scared investors this week as it descended to $44,000. Earlier, the flagship cryptocurrency bounced off support at $45,000 and closed the gap to $48,000. The post Bitcoin Price Renews Bid For $50,000...

Aug 16 2021

Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC Settles Above The 200 SMA As $60,000 Comes To Into Sight

Bitcoin price rises to a three-month high at $48,000. Settling above the 200-day SMA seems to have braced the bulls for gains above $50,000. A conformed break past $50,000 will see bulls quickly shift attention to $60,000. Bitcoin price made another stride toward $50,000 during the weekend session. The trading last week came to a The post Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC Settles Above...

Aug 13 2021

Aug 06 2021

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