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Mar 29 2022

Wasabi’s Side Of The Story: Reasons For Blacklisting Certain BTC From CoinJoin

Finally, an official statement by Wasabi Wallet. A couple of weeks ago, the privacy-focused project made the news by announcing it wouldn’t allow tainted bitcoin to participate in its CoinJoin service. Doesn't that action go against everything Wasabi is...

Mar 15 2022

Wasabi Wallet’s CoinJoin Will Not Serve Blacklisted UTXOs. Samourai Responds

The rivalry between Wasabi and Samourai wallets rages on. That shouldn’t be the headline, though. This story is about privacy, censorship, and regulatory pressure. It all started with Wasabi’s simple announcement, “The zkSNACKs coordinator will start refusing certain UTXOs from registering to coinjoins.” Translation: the company that runs the centralized coordinator that organizes CoinJoin transactions will not let tainted...

Aug 03 2021

Lightning Network 101: How And Why It Works

It’s all about the Lightning Network in Bitcoin land. This decentralized micropayments system unlocked Bitcoin’s scalability problem and unleashed the possibility of hyperbitcoinization into the world. Not only that, since this Layer 2 solution was created with the Bitcoin ethos in mind, it offers similar security guarantees. It all runs over the Bitcoin blockchain, even though it only touches it for final settlement....

Jun 05 2021

Warren Davidson at Bitcoin 2021: “The Fed is Dogecoin-ing the US Dollar”

The Doge community is not going to like this. In a panel at the Miami Bitcoin conference, Representative Warren Davidson spared no bullets. He compared the US Federal Reserve’s rampant money printing of late to Dogecoin’s unlimited and ever-increasing supply. “...

May 01 2021

Samourai Wallet Joins Haveno In A Bid To Facilitate Monero-Bitcoin Swaps

The privacy fans in the crypto-community are in for a treat, as the famed Samourai Wallet has decided to join the Haveno Decentralized Exchange (DEX) project. Samourai Wallet announced on April 30 that it was sponsoring the Haveno project with a 0.18 BTC grant. Haveno is a P2P and escrow based DEX project, being built on top of Monero and Tor, forking the...

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