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Aug 17 2022

By the Numbers: The Signs Bitcoin Miners Are Done Selling

Selling pressure had been mounting on public bitcoin miners over the last couple of months. This was a direct result of the decline in the price of the digital asset, which saw the cash flow for bitcoin miners plummet significantly. It came out to an over 60% decline in profitability, and given that miners continue to incur ongoing expenses, they had to look...

Jul 27 2022

By The Numbers: The Most Undervalued Bitcoin Mining Stocks

Bitcoin mining stocks really gained prominence in 2021. Due to the increase in the price of the digital asset, mining profitability shot up, and investors used this as a way to gain exposure to the market. As the market has retraced, though, the mining stocks have struggled. However, they continue to be in operation, and data shows that some of these bitcoin mining...

Jul 08 2022

Here’s The Large Public Bitcoin Miner That Has Refused To Succumb To The Bears

Over the last several months, the market has watched bitcoin miner profitability plummet to new lows. These miners who are dependent on the BTC gotten from their mining activities have found themselves in a tight spot as the price of bitcoin has suffered. The result of this has been multiple miners selling off their BTC holdings to raise money to keep their operations...

Jun 29 2022

What Happens To Bitcoin Miners If Price Keeps Dropping?

Bitcoin miners have been in a bind for a while now. When the price of the digital asset dropped, it inadvertently affected the cash flow and profits made from mining activities. Hence a lot of miners have had to sell off their BTC holdings to make ends meet. Public miners have not been left out of this. With payments becoming due and the...

Jun 16 2022

Public Bitcoin Miners Struggle To Keep Up With Difficulty As BTC Production Declines

The recent decline in the price of bitcoin is not the only thing that those in the space have had to deal with. It has spilled into other important aspects of the community such as mining. Public and private miners have been having a hard run of it lately with their cash flow plummeting due to the decline in bitcoin’s value. However, that...

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