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Mar 31 2022

Transforming The Country Using Bitcoin Featuring Anthony Scaramucci

Anthony Scaramucci joins the “Bitcoin Magazine Podcast” to talk about Bitcoin and its role in reforming American fiscal and monetary policy.Watch This Episode On YouTubeListen To This Episode:...

Mar 22 2022

The Future On A Bitcoin Standard — Bitcoin Is Not Democratic Part Four

The death of Democracy is around the corner — what will replace it? As Bitcoin changes the very fabric of society, we’ll need new modes of governance and coexistence.With each new installment of this series, the Clown World simulation takes it up a notch.Part Three kicked off with the stupidity happening in Canada....

Mar 03 2022

The Weaponization Of Money And Financial Rails Must End

As Bitcoin removes their means of creating money out of nothing, nation states will cease to be sovereigns in this crucial area of life.For decades, people all over the world have seen money weaponized in the constant, pointless, deadly and unethical geopolitical games played by a handful of sociopathic “leaders” who believe the world is nothing more than a spherical game board...

Feb 26 2022

I Want Scotland To Prosper, And Bitcoin Is The Answer

Scotland can best prepare for the future by adopting a bitcoin standard and reaping the benefits of sound money.Why Choose A Bitcoin Standard?I have been involved in cryptocurrency for a few years now, dedicating my time and effort to educating people about the fundamentals and global benefits. I run a podcast (“The Crypto Standard”) educating listeners in a fun...

Feb 05 2022

Corporate Adoption: Restaurant Chain Everbowl Embraces The Bitcoin Standard

Another restaurant company is adding Bitcoin to its balance sheet. On Everbowl’s website, they claim “At everbowl, we believe the key to life is motion,” and they’re putting their money where their mouth is. Under the Bitcoin standard, a new stage awaits this California-based “quick-serve...

Feb 04 2022

Superfood Chain Everbowl Adopts Bitcoin Standard

The California-based food chain said inflation and eroding purchasing power of fiat currencies prompted the switch into Bitcoin.Everbowl, a craft superfood chain based in California, will now run its business operations on a Bitcoin standard and convert all of its cash reserves to bitcoin, the company said in a Friday statement.“We’ve concluded that running the business exclusively on cash isn’t the...

Dec 06 2020

The Fiat Standard and Debt Slavery

In this exclusive extract, the author of "The Bitcoin Standard" introduces its sequel, "The Fiat Standard."

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