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Oct 19 2021

Bitcoin Spot Trading Volume Surges As BTC Targets New All-Time High

Data shows Bitcoin spot trading volume has surged up as BTC has begun to target a new all-time high (ATH) price soon. Bitcoin Spot Trading Volume Keeps Increasing As per the latest report from Arcane Research, BTC spot trading volume continues to surge up as the coin heads towards a new ATH. The "...

Oct 13 2021

“Significant Uptick” In Bitcoin Spot Buying Volume Suggests Sustainable Rise

Data shows the latest rise in Bitcoin's price is accompanied by a significant uptick in the trading volume. This could suggest that the current uptrend may be sustainable. Bitcoin Trading Volume Climbs Up Fast This Week As per this week's Arcane Research report, the BTC trading volume is climbing up fast this month after a relatively slow last few days of...

Sep 29 2021

Bitcoin Volume & Volatility Suggest The Trend Is Waking Back Up

Data shows that after a while of inactivity, Discord's trading volume and volatility trends seem to be waking back up. Bitcoin Trading Volume Climbs Back Up As per the latest Arcane Research report, the BTC trading volume has climbed back up in the last week as the 7-day average value floats above $6 billion now. The daily "...

Sep 14 2021

El Salvador Bitcoin Day Bloodbath Sends Trading Volume Surging

After a long period of decline, the Bitcoin trading volume has finally shot up during the bloodbath of El Salvador's legal tender day. Bitcoin Trading Volume Surges Up On El Salvador's Legal Tender Tuesday As per the latest Arcane Research report, the BTC trading volume has spiked up this week after a period of continuous decline. The real BTC 7-day average daily...

Aug 18 2021

Bitcoin Trading Volume Sinks Without Decisive Retest Of $50,000

Data shows Bitcoin trading volume is once again on its way downwards as the cryptocurrency fails to retest the $50,000 mark. Bitcoin Trading Volume Goes Down As per a report from Arcane Research, while BTC hasn't been able to test the $50k range yet, the trading volume is already moving downwards. The...

Aug 03 2021

Bitcoin Rally To $40K Sparks Return Of Trading Volume

Bitcoin has recently seen a massive rally for the past two weekends, giving rise to an increase in trading volume. Following a long period of low prices in the market. The recent rally has reignited a number of things in the market. Now including the trading volume, as volumes bounce back to levels before the decline. Trading volumes saw a huge spike in...

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