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Jun 29 2022

How to use a Bitcoin Paper Wallet? Simple Wallet Guide

Security is particularly important when acquiring and storing bitcoin. It's horrible when an investor buys cryptocurrencies for the long term, then gets hacked and the cryptos stolen. The correct selection of a wallet is particularly important, mostly for security reasons. One possible way to hedge this risk is a paper wallet. How to use a Bitcoin Paper Wallet? Why do I need a...

Mar 29 2022

Wasabi’s Side Of The Story: Reasons For Blacklisting Certain BTC From CoinJoin

Finally, an official statement by Wasabi Wallet. A couple of weeks ago, the privacy-focused project made the news by announcing it wouldn’t allow tainted bitcoin to participate in its CoinJoin service. Doesn't that action go against everything Wasabi is...

Mar 15 2022

Wasabi Wallet’s CoinJoin Will Not Serve Blacklisted UTXOs. Samourai Responds

The rivalry between Wasabi and Samourai wallets rages on. That shouldn’t be the headline, though. This story is about privacy, censorship, and regulatory pressure. It all started with Wasabi’s simple announcement, “The zkSNACKs coordinator will start refusing certain UTXOs from registering to coinjoins.” Translation: the company that runs the centralized coordinator that organizes CoinJoin transactions will not let tainted...

Mar 12 2022

A Fingerprint Sensor? Concerning Details From Block’s Hardware Wallet Revealed

It was too good to be true. A fingerprint sensor will be the authentication method of choice for Block’s hardware wallet. The company revealed new details in the March update of their newsletter, and some of them weren’t well received by the community. Besides the fingerprint sensor, the...

Feb 23 2022

Can Chainalysis Break And Track Wasabi Wallet’s CoinJoins? Opinions Vary

Is Chainalysis telling the truth? Do they have a super-secret decoding tool that can break Wasabi CoinJoins? The jury is out on that one. This article contains all the evidence available, though. Yesterday, journalist and Unchained Podcast host Laura Shin broke the Internet by allegedly identifying the...

Feb 17 2022

30 Bitcoin Wallets Blacklisted On The Orders Of The Canadian Government

Cryptocurrencies have come under the radar in the protests taking place across Canada. The Canadian police force has allegedly issued an order to blacklist crypto wallets that are affiliated with the Freedom Convoy. The order is coming after the federal government invoked the Emergencies Act for the first time in the country. Crypto exchanges are The post 30 Bitcoin Wallets Blacklisted On The...

Feb 14 2022

A Constant Rise in Russian’ Inactive Bitcoin Wallets For The Last 18 Months

When we talk about cryptocurrency development and adoption, Russia is one of the top countries to regulate. An approximated denoting; the government can get many financial benefits from levying taxes on cryptocurrency transactions....

Feb 08 2022

CashApp Shocks The World, Enables Payments Through The Lightning Network

It’s official! CashApp integrated Lightning Network payments to most of their customers in the USA. The rumor has been circulating for months, but, the wait is finally over. This might prove to be monumental for the Bitcoin network. “Lightning Network is now available on Cash App. It's the fastest, free way to pay anyone in bitcoin,” tweeted the company....

Jan 29 2022

What Is AOPP? And, Why Is The Bitcoin Community Up In Arms About It?

The Address Ownership Proof Protocol or AOPP might’ve been the most sophisticated attack on Bitcoin so far. With a fairly benign protocol that only affected people in Switzerland, the powers that be infected some of the most respected wallets in the space. Only people who bought Bitcoin at Swiss centralized exchanges and were already fully KYC’d had to prove ownership of their wallet’s...

Aug 26 2021

El Salvador’s Central Bank Issues Guidelines For Banks, Raises Questions

El Salvador’s Central Bank opened the door for banks to develop their own wallets. The organization published the "Guidelines for the Authorization and Operation of Digital Wallet Platforms...

Jun 09 2021

El Salvador President Talks About Bitcoin Wallet, Mining Using Volcanic Energy and More

El Salvador created history today by becoming the first country to approve Bitcoin as a legal tender. Nayib Bukele, the President of the South...

Jun 02 2021

Bitcoin’s Daily Active Addresses Plummet As Top Theory Builds Momentum

Morale is down in Bitcoinland and so are the number of DAA. Does this mean that we already reached the top of this cycle? It might, but that’s not set in stone. We’re in no man’s land and our compass is pointing everywhere. Technical indicators contradict each other, and nobody seems to know which way is up. Nevertheless, historically, the Daily Active Addresses...

Mar 29 2021

Mycelium Wallet Review

Mar 29 2021 Published at UseTheBitcoin under tags  bitcoin bitcoin wallet btc guides mycelium

Mycelium wallet is among the oldest Bitcoin (BTC) wallets in the market. The application was released 8 years ago in 2013 and it fastly became one of the […]

Feb 27 2021

Mycelium Wallet Review and Usage Guide – Part II

In the previous part of this Mycelium wallet guide, we have explained how you can install, send, receive, and different account addresses available in the wallet application. In this part, we will explore the remaining features supported by the wallet. FIO Requests...

Mycelium Wallet Review and Usage Guide – Part I

Mycelium is a wallet that allows users to work with the Bitcoin network. The Mycelium project was first announced on September 13, 2013, and was originally called BitcoinSpinner. However, the name was later changed. It has received a prestigious award of "Best Mobile App" by...

Feb 22 2021

Best Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet

An anonymous Bitcoin wallet is the one that would offer you the possibility to remain anonymous and protect your privacy when handling digital assets. However, finding the best […]

Jan 30 2021

Best Bitcoin Wallet for Android

As Bitcoin (BTC) reached new all-time highs a few weeks ago, many new investors are searching for the best Bitcoin wallet for Android. We know Bitcoin and crypto […]

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