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Aug 15 2022

Bitmain, Antpool Offer Bitcoin Mining Industry Lifeline Amid Miner Capitulation

The ASIC manufacturer and the Antpool mining pool are partnering with Antalpha to finance low-cost loans for equipment and resource costs to weather the winter.Bitmain and its mining pool are partnering with Antalpha to provide financial support to the bitcoin mining industry. Loans will be low-cost and can be used to pay back equipment loans or to subsidize energy costs. Bitmain and...

Jul 27 2022

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Soars 90%, Will Vitalik And Merge Support Miners?

Ethereum Classic (ETC) price has skyrocketed over 90% after the Merge date announcement, with the price almost doubling from $14 to $28. The rally comes after fresh support from the largest mining pool AntPool and rising sentiments over Ethereum miners' migration to Ethereum Classic. In fact, Ethereum Classic is supported by Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin,...

Feb 11 2022

Bitcoin Miner Merkle Partners With Bitmain for 500 MW Farm

The facility would be able to host over 150,000 of Bitmain’s bitcoin mining rigs.Merkle Standard partners with Bitmain to build a 500 MW data center.Once fully operational, the collaboration could house over 150,000 bitcoin mining rigs.The facility’s mining equipment will be supplied exclusively by Bitmain.Bitcoin miner Merkle Standard has teamed up with leading ASIC...

Feb 10 2022

How Intel’s Entrance Can Change The Bitcoin Mining Landscape

With Intel set to present an ASIC geared for bitcoin mining later this month, how will the computing giant reshape the industry’s landscape?When news surfaced that one of the largest computer chip makers in the world, Intel, would give a presentation about an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) geared for bitcoin...

Jan 25 2022

BitFuFu Announces Plans to Go Public in US via SPAC

On January 25, BitFuFu, a Bitmain-backed cloud mining company, announced plans to go public in the US through a merger with special-purpose acquisition vehicle, Arisz Acquisition Corp.

Jan 24 2022

Vortex Brands Purchases Additional 8 S19j Pros Crypto Mining Machines

Vortex Brands Co, a Bitcoin mining firm in the US, announced the purchase of additional 19j Pro machines for its Bitcoin mining operations.

Jan 18 2022

Intel Plans to Launch Bitcoin-Mining ‘Bonanza Mine’ Chip

Intel, a chip giant manufacturer, appears to be contemplating about entering into the Bitcoin mining hardware business. However, that might not be part of its upcoming GPUs.

Dec 24 2021

Creek Road Miners Buys 600 Bitcoin Mining Machines from Bitmain

On December 23, Creek Road Miners, Inc., a cryptocurrency mining company, announced that it has bought 600 Bitmain Antminer S19xp (140Th) machines as part of its efforts to expand its crypto mining...

Dec 21 2021

Bitcoin Miner TeraWulf Buys 15,000 Rigs From Bitmain

The company was recently listed on the Nasdaq in a reverse merge with IKONICS.Bitcoin miner TeraWulf signed a deal to purchase 15,000 bitcoin mining rigs from Bitmain Technologies, the company said in a statement Tuesday. TeraWulf has yet to file a Form 8-K with the Securities and Exchange...

Oct 11 2021

Bitmain Stops Selling to Mainland China

Reading Time: 2 minutes Bitmain has confirmed that it will cease selling its Antminer products to mainland China Such an action was mooted two weeks ago in response to China’s crackdown on Bitcoin mining Bitmain will have to work hard to reclaim its lost customer base...

Oct 10 2021

Crypto Crackdown: Bitmain to Stop Shipping Antminers to China This October

Bitmain, the largest Bitcoin mining equipment manufacturer in China has announced it will stop shipping its flagship product, the Antimer, to China in response to the regulatory crackdown ongoing in the country. As announced by the firm, the suspension of its Antminer shipping will commence on Monday 11th of October, and it will only affect The post Crypto Crackdown: Bitmain to Stop Shipping...

Sep 29 2021

Why Are Bitcoin Mining ASIC Prices Surging And Where Will They Go Next?

The prices of ASICs, computing components central to Bitcoin mining, have surged this year. But why? And where will they go next?There could be a number of factors contributing to the rising price of bitcoin mining ASICs — the components that are central to the specialized machines used to secure the Bitcoin network in exchange for BTC rewards — including supply shortages,...

Bitmain Could Stop Selling to China

Reading Time: 2 minutes Bitmain could stop selling its equipment in China following the country’s crackdown Bitmain has recently overcome a civil war and seemed to be in a better position The company could also stop manufacturing equipment in China Bitmain...

Sep 15 2021

Greenidge Generation Orders 10,000 Bitcoin Miners Right After Nasdaq Listing

The bitcoin miner that yesterday closed a merger to list on the Nasdaq announced buying flagship Bitmain rigs.Bitcoin miner Greenidge Generation announced on September 15 it had ordered 10,000 S19j Pro bitcoin mining rigs from Bitmain to expand...

Aug 09 2021

Bitmain And The Institutionalization Of Bitcoin Mining Manufacturers

Bitmain’s path toward a public listing can tell us a lot about the institutionalization of the Bitcoin mining industry at large.It seems that the ground under Bitcoin businesses is shifting daily, first with a major shutdown and hash migration out of China, then with some wobbly prices and now with an...

Aug 02 2021

Jul 27 2021

Bitmain reveals divestiture plans for Antpool, the leading BTC mining pool

Bitmain, the world's leading Bitcoin mining rig manufacturer recently concluded its semi-annual shareholder's meeting where it revealed the progress of Antpool divestiture, the world's leading Bitcoin mining pool. The mining chip manufacturer received shareholders nod to make its mining pool operations independent of the parent company in the first quarter and completed all the legal The post Bitmain reveals divestiture plans for Antpool,...

Jun 30 2021

TeraWulf Orders 30,000 Bitmain Rigs, Eyeing Top-Ten Hash Rate Spot

Bitcoin mining company TeraWulf has ordered 30,000 Antminers from Bitmain as it seeks to increase its hash rate to top-ten levels.The world’s leading producer of bitcoin mining hardware, Bitmain, announced today a signed purchase order of 30,000 units of its latest-generation Antminer S19j...

Jun 25 2021

Bitmain Feels the Pinch of China Crackdown

Reading Time: 2 minutes Bitmain, the world’s biggest supplier of crypto mining hardware, has stopped the sale of new machines China’s crypto mining crackdown has resulted in a glut of second-hand machines into the market Bitmain will re-enter the market when the supply...

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