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Jul 07 2022

Bitstamp backtracks on ‘inactivity fee’ charges

According to Bloomberg, Luxembourg-based Bitstamp is backtracking on its plan to introduce a €10 "inactivity fee" for its users, citing a statement from the firm's CEO JB Graftieaux. According to the CEO's statement, Bitstamp's community reaction to the charges prompted a rethink of the initiative. Graftieaux reportedly said, "We have heard the response from our customers to the...

Jul 06 2022

Bitstamp introduces ‘inactivity fee’ to shore up revenue

Jul 06 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  bitstamp coinbase exchanges gemini kraken

Crypto exchange Bitstamp has announced it will start charging an inactivity fee of €10 per month from August 1. The fee will not apply to users in the U.S. or those with an account balance of over €200. Bitstamp clarified that most customers are not affected by the new "inactivity fee." The exchange said that affected users could avoid the...

Apr 28 2022

Crypto Rising: 80% Of Major Investors See Bright Future For Cryptocurreny, Survey Shows

The trend of financial institutions incorporating cryptocurrencies into their portfolios has grown in recent years. Institutional investors and asset managers have begun to include cryptocurrency as pure digital assets. Despite their recent inception, this type of asset class has gained widespread market acceptance and rapid growth. Numerous institutional investors have begun to diversify their portfolios and trading methods by including digital...

Apr 27 2022

Study Shows Trust In Cryptocurrencies On Rise Among Investors

Bitstamp, a global crypto exchange, has conducted a study it describes as one of the most comprehensive surveys of the crypto market. The findings indicate strongly that conviction in the future of cryptocurrencies is on the rise. Bitstamp's study shows growing crypto adoption trend While Bitstamp is yet to publish the full report of the...

Apr 19 2022

Bitstamp Requires Its Users Provide Additional Info, To Align Itself With Regulators

Bitstamp cryptocurrency exchange moves forward to comply with regulations and requires its users to provide information about their original source of wealth....

Apr 12 2022

Report: Coinbase is least risky crypto exchange to trade on

Market data aggregator CryptoCompare has named Coinbase the most transparent and accountable crypto exchange in the world, per the firm's latest report that ranked 150...

Mar 10 2022

[Updated] 9 Best Bitcoin Exchanges For Trading Bitcoin [2022]

Here is a list of the top Bitcoins exchanges around the world: Binance (Biggest and low fees bitcoin exchange)Bybit (Fastest Bitcoin exchange, A...

Avalanche Updates | Bitstamp Lists AVAX | March Week 2

Mar 10 2022 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  avax bitstamp defi

Avalanche recently made a series of intriguing partnerships and announcements. Since the month began, Avalanche’s community has remained busy with multiple engagements. Here are the updates that Altcoin Buzz covered within the week. Avalanche put up a remarkable performance since the new year. The scalable blockchain has enjoyed profound community growth. Furthermore, more DeFi projects have turned to Avalanche’s unique features to grow...

Jan 18 2022

Bitstamp Becomes Official Sponsor of Guild Esports Team

Bitstamp, a London-headquartered cryptocurrency exchange, has become an official sponsor of Guild Esports PLC, a UK-based professional esports company.

Aug 10 2021

Bitstamp Revenue Jumps in 2020, Profits Gain 257%

The exchange pointed out the rise in crypto transactions in Q4 as the boost behind the figures.

Jul 31 2021

Jun 08 2021

Bitstamp to List Tether (USDT) on June 14th

Bitstamp will list Tether (USDT) on June 14th Tether (USDT) will be listed alongside Compound Finance (COMP) and The Graph (GRT) Bitstamp follows Coinbase pro in listing Tether (USDT) Tether's advancing market cap is the most consistent trend in the crypto-verse The digital asset exchange of Bitstamp will list Tether (USDT) on the 14th of this month. Tether (USDT) will be listed alongside...

Jun 03 2021

Crypto exchange Bitstamp integrates ZEBEDEE’s bitcoin gaming wallet

Bitstamp, a popular bitcoin exchange company founded in 2011, and ZEBEDEE, a crypto payment gaming technology company for virtual worlds, today announced a partnership to create a bridge between the growing bitcoin...

May 29 2021

May 02 2021

[Updated] 9 Best Bitcoin Exchanges In The World For Trading Bitcoin [Updated List]

Here is a list of the top Bitcoins exchanges around the world: Binance (Biggest and low fees bitcoin exchange)Bybit (Fastest Bitcoin exchange, A...

Jan 07 2021

Bitcoin Magazine’s Guide To Exchange Scaling Support

Bitcoin exchanges are the single most popular method for acquiring BTC, offering marketplaces where users can transfer fiat or digital currencies for sats. For more information on bitcoin exchanges, visit our guide. But not all exchanges are created equal — some are decentralized, some adhere to strict KYC/AML requirements and some protect...

Dec 26 2020

Crypto Exchanges in the U.S Could Delist XRP – Analyst

Summary: MagicPoopCannon warns that US crypto exchanges could delist XRP This follows Bitstamp planning to halt trading and deposits of XRP for US customers on January 8th XRP could be gearing up for further losses as U.S investors protect their capital against potential delistings in the US Popular Bitcoin and Crypto analyst, MagicPoopCannon, has warned XRP investors that US exchanges could delist the...

Bitstamp Halts XRP Trading for U.S. Customers

Dec 26 2020 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  bitstamp business ripple sec

Bitstamp, one of the world's most established cryptocurrency exchanges, has halted trading for XRP. The update comes in for all U.S. customers on Jan. 8, 2021. XRP Suffers Another Blow Bitstamp is pulling XRP trading and deposits for U.S. customers. Following the...

Dec 25 2020

Bitstamp to Halt XRP Trading, Deposits in US Due to SEC Lawsuit

Dec 25 2020 Published at CoinDesk under tags  bitstamp markets news policy & regulation ripple

Bitstamp is the first major U.S.-based crypto exchange to respond to the SEC lawsuit.

Dec 10 2020

BitStamp Apologies For Posting Controversial Messari Report

One of the leading crypto exchanges BitStamp took to Twitter to apologize to its followers because of the controversial...

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