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Apr 22 2022

Dark Galaxies, a blockchain game based on a series of books

Dark Galaxies transits a trading card game with a well-developed plot on the blockchain. Two tokens and NFT make Dark Galaxies a complete and functional play-to-earn game. A Game Plot...

Nov 18 2021

Top 5 100x Crypto Gaming Projects (Part 2)

According to Cryptorank, the average ROI, in USD, in GameFi and Seedify is 8900% and 7298%, respectively. These are massive returns that users of those platforms have. On the other hand, projects like "Project SEED" and "Bloktopia" had an ROI of 752x and...

Nov 15 2021

The Alien Worlds Game Rising

Alien Worlds is a P2E (play to earn) game on the WAX blockchain. Seek fortune on different planets and mine Trillium (TLM) for real-world value! Users can lease space crafts from others, and go on missions across the Alien Worlds universe. Managing NFTs in The Alien Worlds Users can also buy various NFTs that represent different in-game items. These items range from: Land...

Oct 20 2021

Hero Arena Set for Massive Roll Out

The blockchain gaming space is about to receive another amazing project as Hero Arena announces dates for its private sale and IDO. Hero Arena is a blockchain RPG game that allows anyone to play and earn tokens via gameplay and ecosystem engagement. The game, which is inspired by DOTA architecture, disclosed its upcoming remarkable rollout over the next couple of days....

Oct 03 2021

The Hottest Games & NFT launches | October 2021

According to CoinGecko, the NFT sector has passed from a USD 315 million marketcap in 2020 to USD 29 billion in 2021, representing more than 9000% of growth. Meanwhile, with the growing popularity of Play to earn games, the blockchain gaming sector topped the...

May 26 2021

Bright Star Studios Secures Funding for ‘Ember Sword’ Game

Bright Star Studios has announced the acquisition of over $2 million in funding from several leading investors for its forthcoming Ember Sword game. Ember Sword is a free-to-play MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online roleplaying game), and Bright Star Studios gets this investment ahead of the game’s first Solarwood land sale of 12,000 plots on May 27th. Notably, a number of top...

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