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Dec 07 2021

The NFT project SIDUS Heroes disrupting the landscape of Digital Gaming

Not many people know that MMO games generated huge digital economies long before eSports and streaming made video gaming a profession. These systems laid the groundwork for future video game economies that...

Nov 30 2021

The Latest Review of King Speed, a NFT Card Racing Game.

According to DappRadar, 4 of the Top 10 NFT games are built on the Binance Smart Chain. These crypto games represent more than USD 2.6 billion in balance and more than 480,000 users playing them. As you can see, the Binance Smart Chain is one of the essential...

Nov 24 2021

Top 5 Low Cap Crypto Gaming Projects – Nov 2021 (Part 2)

According to DapRaddar, Axie Infinity, DeFi Kingdoms, and Cryptomines have over USD 8 billion locked into smart contracts on their platforms. That is a huge TVL into a game just so people can buy, sell or trade in-game assets. Meanwhile, the token price of gaming tokens is also skyrocketing. But as we said in...

Nov 22 2021

Gaming Tokens are Hitting New Price Records on a Daily Basis – What’s Driving the Rally?

Key takeaways: On the heels of a recent Coinbase listing, GALA has become the best performing blockchain gaming token of 2021 in terms of price value The crypto gaming sector...

Nov 18 2021

Explode the NFT Games Sector with DEEPSPACE ($DPS)

With billions of dollars flowing into metaverse and Play-to-Earn (P2E) tokens, savvy investors hunt for the next breakout stars. Early investors have seen massive gains: Terra ($LUNA) has pumped 143x in the last 12 months, Axie Infinity ($AXS) has increased 219x....

Nov 12 2021

Nov 09 2021

Nov 05 2021

Blockchain Gaming To Skyrocket With This New Addition

The blockchain gaming sector is about to be more interesting and competitive. Ubisoft, one of the largest gaming companies, says it's exploring the Blockchain space. Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot revealed at the firm Q2 earnings call that the firm is exploring blockchain gaming. Guillemot said that the gaming platform is seeking to invest and adopt blockchain technology for the future of the company....

Nov 03 2021

Microsoft is Developing its Own Version of Metaverse

Microsoft, one of the Big Five US information technology giants, is working on a version of a metaverse, which will be focused on corporate use-cases as well as on entertainment features as a part of the Xbox gaming ecosystem.

Nov 02 2021

Puppy Planet is Set to Transform Blockchain Gaming with Innovative Gaming Metaverse

The blockchain gaming sector is one of the fastest-growing aspects of the blockchain industry and has attracted mainstream attention. The prospect of playing games and earning tokens has drawn many gamers and helped to push the marketcap of gaming tokens to over $15 billion, according to data from CoinMarketCap.

Oct 29 2021

Ubisoft To Dive Deep In Blockchain Gaming, CFO Makes The Case

Oct 29 2021 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  blockchain blockchain gaming ubisoft

Videogame giant Ubisoft is preparing to dive deep into blockchain gaming as the company provides funding to Animoca Brands, and CFO calls the technology a "revolution." Ubisoft Discusses Blockchain Gaming On Earnings Call Ubisoft is a French videogame developer that's behind many extremely popular series like Assassin's Creed and Far Cry. Now it looks like the company is also interested in venturing into...

Ubisoft is Entering Blockchain Gaming Space, Plans to Develop Play-to-Earn Content

Key takeaways: French video game giant Ubisoft has unveiled its plans to deepen its commitment to blockchain gaming during the Q2 earnings call Ubisoft has recently made a considerable investment...

Oct 27 2021

The New Axie: Why PlayDapp is set to transform blockchain gaming with a P2E gaming model

Everyone loves a game, and blockchain gaming has emerged as more than a luxurious pastime. Games like Axie Infinity has shattered the mode of what it is to game by providing an active in-game economy for players to become stakeholders and earn while gaming.

Oct 18 2021

Blockchain Comes to Gaming With KardiaChain’s Whydah Platform

If you’re someone who keeps up with gaming news and happenings, then you’ve likely seen announcements of blockchain-based games, including NFT items within games and so on. These have become quite popular around the world...

Oct 17 2021

Will New TomoChain (TOMO) Partnership Boost Blockchain Gaming?

The month of October has been an exciting one for TomoChain. The proof-of- stake (PoS) blockchain technology platform also recently announced a strategic partnership with 3D racing e-sport game Dragon Kart. This partnership with TomoChain is expected to expand not just Dragon Kart but the entire blockchain gaming ecosystem. Dragon Kart is a 3D racing game embedded with both play-to- earn and free-to-play mechanisms. The...

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