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Oct 27 2022

Blockchain.com Introduces A Visa Debit Card That Allows Users To Pay In Crypto

Blockchain.com, a renowned and trusted platform to buy, sell, and trade crypto, has recently announced its Visa debit card. The introduction of this debit card has been expected for quite some time now. The Blockchain.com Visa card has a huge waitlist of 50,000 people wanting to...

Oct 26 2022

Crypto services company Blockchain.com opens waitlist for new Visa debit card

Oct 26 2022 Published at CryptoNinjas under tags  blockchain.com crypto payments featured

Today, crypto services company Blockchain.com, announced the launch of its new Visa debit card. With the Blockchain.com Visa card, users can spend any crypto in their...

Oct 14 2022

Several crypto exchanges reportedly block Russian users because of EU sanctions

Oct 14 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  blockchain.com crypto.com regulation

Several crypto platforms like Blockchain.com, Crypto.com, and LocalBitcoins have reportedly banned Russian users from using their services, citing the new European Union sanctions. Media reports said that Blockchain.com gave its Russian users until Oct. 27 to withdraw all of their funds, after...

Blockchain.com ends services to Russians due to EU sanctions

Russian citizens' accounts on Blockchain.com will soon be closed, and businesses like Binance are striving to implement the new EU sanctions. Blockchain.com, a provider of cryptocurrency wallets, is the most recent business that will shortly stop offering its services to Russian citizens as a result of the most recent EU sanctions. According to the local […] The post...

Oct 12 2022

After Coinbase, Blockchain.com Gets Singapore Crypto License, What’s Next

Oct 12 2022 Published at Coingape under tags  blockchain.com news singapore

Following Coinbase's approval of Singapore license, yet another exchange got the regulatory nod on Thursday. With the new license, Blockchain.com would be able to offer payment services in the country. The move comes amid a favorable environment for crypto community in the South Asian country. Already, several crypto companies originally... Read more

Blockchain.com Gets Regulatory Greenlight from Singapore’s MAS

Blockchain.com has become the latest cryptocurrency exchange to receive regulatory approval from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), according to a Reuters report.

The announcement came only a day after its rival

Sep 11 2022

Blockchain.com Wins Approval From Dubai Regulatory Authority VARA

Notably, Gulf countries have joined the list of crypto-favored regimes. And Dubai appeared as a leading crypto hub currently working on multiple projects to support the blockchain infrastructure and web 3 technology. As a result of which, it attracted many crypto companies worldwide to join the emerging market. Similarly, blockchain.com, a cryptocurrency exchange and financial service provider for retail and institutional businesses, won...

Sep 10 2022

Blockchain.com Receives Provisional Approval for Dubai Operations

Digital asset services provider, Blockchain.com recently announced that the company has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA) in Dubai. According to the details shared by Blockchain.com, retail and institutional clients in Dubai will soon be able to access technology-driven financial services.

Dubai is one of the fastest-growing crypto markets. The region is home to some of the...

Aug 02 2022

Blockchain.com successfully secures registration in the Cayman Islands

Aug 02 2022 Published at CryptoNinjas under tags  blockchain.com featured regulation

Blockchain.com, the provider of crypto solutions for traders, funds, allocators, VCs, and crypto operators, announced today that it has secured registration in the Cayman Islands. The company can now provide regulated custodial services, operate an exchange, and offer OTC crypto brokerage services for institutional...

Jul 26 2022

How to Use the Blockchain.com Wallet

In our previous article, we explained how you can create an account on the Blockchain.com exchange and how to use it. In this article, we will talk about the other important product of the Blockchain.com platform, i.e., the Blockchain.com Wallet. It is a simple wallet that allows users to send, receive, swap, and...

Jul 24 2022

How to Use the Blockchain.com Exchange

Blockchain.com is a centralized exchange that allows users to deposit, withdraw, store, and manage crypto assets. It allows the users to place spot and margin orders. However, the platform has some geographical restrictions on margin trading. Hence, users from the US, Canada, and a few other countries are not able to perform margin trades. Apart from the exchange, the Blockchain.com platform consists of...

Jul 21 2022

Blockchain.com Renders A Quarter Of Its Workforce Jobless As Bear Market Bites

Blockchain.com has announced on Thursday that it was slashing a quarter of its global workforce, multiple sources disclosed. The Luxembourg-based cryptocurrency exchange had swiftly grown during the bull market, hiring 450 new employees over the course of 16 months. As the bear market continues to wreak havoc, the company has decided to reverse course, laying off approximately 150 of its 600 employees....

Crypto Lay-offs Continue As Blockchain.com Cuts 25% Of Its Staff

Crypto trading firm Blockchain.com has cut down its workforce by 25% according to a CoinDesk report, which is approximately 150 staff. The crypto firm also noted that it would be bringing to a stop expansion plans in multiple countries and it would stop operations in its Argentina offices. This measure is to reclaim financial losses...

Mass Layoffs Continue as Blockchain.com Sheds 25% of Workforce

Blockchain.com, a Luxembourg-headquartered cryptocurrency exchange, on Thursday announced that it was shedding its teams across the world by 25%. This percentage represents about 150 employees of the organization, CoinDesk reports.The highest number of affected employees (44%) are based in Argentina where the exchange said it will be closing down its offices.Outside of Argentina, 26% of them are based in the US,...

Blockchain.com Cutting a Quarter of Its Staff: Report

Jul 21 2022 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  blockchain.com business

The firm is reportedly closing down its Argentina offices and scrapping its plans to expand to other countries. Blockchain.com Cutting Workforce Blockchain.com is the latest cryptocurrency firm to slash its...

Jul 10 2022

Blockchain.com May Lose $270 Million Over Its Loans to 3AC

Blockchain.com, a popular crypto exchange may end up losing $270 million over its loans to Three Arrows Capital (3AC). 3AC filed for Chapter 15 following the bearish turbulence in the cryptocurrency markets. Peter Smith, Blockchain.com Chief Executive Officer (CEO) revealed the $270 million (approx.) loss in a latter to shareholders according to Reuters: "Three Arrows is rapidly becoming insolvent and the default impact...

Jul 08 2022

Blockchain.com Loses $270M in 3AC Chaos

Three Arrows Capital owes $270 million to crypto lending platform Blockchain.com, though the CEO has insisted in a letter to shareholders that the company remains liquid and customers would not...

Blockchain.com CEO Reveals Potential $270M Loss Due to Three Arrows Capital Exposure

Summary: Blockchain.com's CEO has revealed that the company faces a $270 million loss on loans to the Three Arrows Capital hedge fund. However, he states that the company remains liquid and solvent, and its customer will not be affected by the loss. Blockchain.com CEO, Peter Smith, has revealed that the crypto exchange faces a potential $270 million loss on loans it gave to...

Jul 01 2022

Blockchain.com and Deribit Confirmed To Be Creditors of Three Arrows Capital

Blockchain.com and Deribit confirm that they are creditors of Three Arrows Capital. Blockchain.com said it was cooperating with an investigation into the fallen hedge fund. Deribit said that it would remain financially healthy even if the debts weren’t repaid. Blockchain.com and Deribit are among the creditors that sought the liquidation of beleaguered crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital. Bloomberg said that company representatives...

Apr 19 2022

Blockchain.com aiming for IPO in 2022

Leading cryptocurrency exchange, Blockchain.com is aiming to go public via an Initial Public Offering (IPO) potentially before the end of 2022, Bloomberg News reported, citing people familiar with the matter. Blockchain.com's growth The exchange is currently in the process of...

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