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Dec 07 2021

The NFT project SIDUS Heroes disrupting the landscape of Digital Gaming

Not many people know that MMO games generated huge digital economies long before eSports and streaming made video gaming a profession. These systems laid the groundwork for future video game economies that...

Dec 06 2021

What’s a DAO: Decentralized Autonomous Organization?

Dec 06 2021 Published at AirdropAlert under tags  blockchain dao guides news nft

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations or DAOs are rapidly becoming an integral part of DeFi. And this phenomenon is immensely significant, for it shows the industry’s steady progress towards maturity. The easiest way to understand a DAO is to think of it as a collectively-owned enterprise, where most processes are automated. Community governance is key here, particularly […] The post...

Binance Partners with Animoca Brands to Introduce $200 Million Fund

Binance Smart Chain announced its collaboration with Animoca Brands to set up a $200 million fund to facilitate blockchain gaming projects that are building on BSC today.

Dec 05 2021

What Is Fountain Crypto FTN?

Thanks to growing interests in digital assets, an incredible influx of new cryptocurrencies, such as Fountain. Following the growth of Bitcoin, the crypto industry is presently one of the most valuable industries—attracting mainstream attention. Today, users can easily access digital assets through various exchanges....

Dec 03 2021

The Problem with NFTs

Even without layer 2 and Ethereum 2.0 solutions, there are ways to proceed without the gas fees.

Banksy’s Love is in the Air to be Divided into 10,000 NFTs

Dec 03 2021 Published at FullyCrypto under tags  adoption blockchain nft nft news

Reading Time: 2 minutes A famous Banksy painting will be split into 10,000 NFTs and sold Love is in the Air was bought at auction by Particle for $12.9 million Each slice will cost $1,500 but can be resold after the sale on the open market A Banksy painting will...

How Ryan Zurrer Ended Up Spending the Most on a Single NFT Artwork

Dec 03 2021 Published at Unchained Podcast under tags  2021 beeple blockchain crypto ethereum

Ryan Zurrer, founder of Dialectic, a crypto wealth multi-family office, discusses his recent $29 million purchase of Beeple’s Human One and his experience at Art Basel in Miami, along with his thoughts on the NFT space in general. Show highlights: what Human One is and why Ryan purchased it...

The Problem with NFTs

Taking a look in my crystal ball, I would hazard to speculate that NFTs are here to stay. They will be an integral part of Web3 and the overall movement towards online decentralization.

Dec 02 2021

All I Want for Christmas – Is an NFT

Holiday sales in the United States for 2021 are expected to generate $834.4 billion. Additionally, the average American anticipates buying $942 in Christmas gifts and a third of Americans anticipat...

Non-Fungible Tokens and FX/CFD Brokers. An Opportunity Not to Be Missed?

Although the first non-fungible token (NFT) was launched as early as 2015, the market fever around this exciting asset class did not kick off until 2020 when it broke all-time records.

Square Rebrands to Block Following Dorsey Twitter Departure

Reading Time: 2 minutes Square has rebranded, going under the name Block from December 10 The news comes 48 hours after co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey quite his role at Twitter Block will focus on new and emerging technologies and will have a specific Bitcoin-related...

Big Data & Digital Transformation in the new Health Era

The healthcare industry has undergone many changes in the past few years with the inclusion of game-changing technology such as Big Data. The industry has outgrown the traditional medical institution model...

Dec 01 2021

Shiba Inu Continues It’s Climb

Shiba Inu has had many up's, and some down's, but on Tuesday the token rallied over 25%, bucking a wider crypto sell-off, after Kraken listed the coin. The Dogecoin-inspired token is now tradable on Kraken against the US dollar and euro, and is making headlines as bulls prepare for a boom. Different data collected showed a...

Nov 30 2021

Blockchain.com Expands to Latin America by Acquiring SeSocio

SeSocio is one of the biggest cryptocurrency companies in Argentina with over 100 employees.

Blockchain.com Expands to Latin America by Acquiring SeSocio

Blockchain.com, a leading cryptocurrency services provider, announced on Tuesday that it had acquired SeSocio, an Argentinean crypto company.

Cardano: Why All the FUD?

Cardano gaining significant praise as well as disdain, despite it being a well-developed product, is intriguing.

Cardano: Why All the FUD?

Looking around the many blockchains in existence, it is easy to lose your bearings as it becomes unclear what distinguishes them from one another, and what they each bring to the table.

Nov 29 2021

Yes, Bitcoin Is A Smart Contract Platform

Many think that smart contracts are only executable on overly-complex blockchains, but Bitcoin is a smart contract platform by definition.What is a smart contract?This is a question that, these days, has become impossible to answer without starting the digital equivalent of a bar fight. The minute that term is thrown out in a conversation, most people immediately think “Ethereum,” or “Solana,”...

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