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Oct 13 2020

Bancor (BNT) to Introduce Protected Pools in DeFi

Bancor, the on-chain liquidity protocol has proposed a promising solution to the lingering issue of impermanent loss in DeFi protocols. According to the official proposal, Bancor v2.1 will facilitate liquidity protection and single-sided exposure. With these two key features, Bancor promises to offer something unique to build a sustainable and profitable protocol. Impermanent loss is often explained as a difference between holding a...

Oct 08 2020

DeFi: Bancor v2.1 To Launch in October! What Will The Upgrade Bring?

Bancor launched the highly anticipated second version of it's Automated Market Maker (AMM) on Jul 31. Since, it was the first company to pioneer the orderbook-less automated decentralized exchange back in 2017, all eyes were on Bancor v2 to revolutionize the decentralized exchanges and liquidity provision industry again....

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