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Jul 05 2022

Crypto’s Struggle May Not Be Over, BOE Warns

Jul 05 2022 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  boe crypto news

The Bank of England has also underscored the need for enhanced regulatory and law enforcement frameworks. BOE Warns Crypto Could Slide Further The Bank of England has warned that the...

Mar 29 2022

Bank Of England Collaborates With MIT To Research On CBDC

Mar 29 2022 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  boe cbdc crypto news mit

The Bank of England has decided to collaborate with MIT regarding the development of a CBDC. The Bank of England is the latest bank that has expressed interest in exploring the scope of a CBDC. This latest partnership is with MIT's Media Lab’s Digital Currency Initiative, through which BoE seeks to inspect and understand potential challenges, risks, and opportunities associated with developing a...

Dec 17 2021

Bank of England Issues Warning on Rising Crypto Market

The Bank of England (BOE) recently released its financial stability report and outlined the risks associated with the growing crypto market.

Nov 29 2021

BOE Governor Raises Concerns over El Salvador’s Bitcoin Move

Recently, the International Monetary Fund also warned the country about its Bitcoin policy.

Jul 16 2021

After U.S, Now Japan Calls for Strong Regulations of Stablecoins

In a fresh development, Japanese regulators are now stepping up efforts to regulate digital currencies, especially stablecoins. In exclusive coverage, Reuters reports that the Japanese government is closely watching the sharp growth of the crypto market and remains worried about its impact on the country's financial system. Tokyo wants to engage with global financial regulators The post After U.S, Now Japan Calls for...

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