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Feb 25 2022

Crypto Enthusiasts Lament Coinbase’s Largest Bug Bounty Ever

News of the largest bug bounty ever paid out by crypto exchange Coinbase has been circulating. The bounty which was paid to a white hat hacker who found a bug in the exchange’s advance trading feature was paid $250,000. This can be a sizable amount for a bug bounty but users in the space have lamented the reward paid to the hacker who...

Feb 20 2022

Cardano Doubled The Reward For Hackers To Uncover Vulnerabilities In Its Blockchain

The public blockchain platform Cardano declares that it has doubled the payout for white hat hackers and bounty hunters that can identify vulnerabilities or bugs in its smart contracts blockchain. The firm has...

Feb 15 2022

Cardano Doubles Bug Bounty For Hackers Who Find Vulnerabilities

Cardano has announced that it is doubling its bug bounties for hackers who find and report vulnerabilities on the network. Bug bounties are not a new thing and all projects offer it in one form or another. However, with the accelerated pace of exploits in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space, projects like Cardano are trying to stay one step of attackers in all...

Feb 12 2022

Critical bug in Ethereum L2 Optimism, $2M bounty paid

Feb 12 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  analysis bug bug bounty defi hacking

Ethereum Layer-2 solution Optimism has fixed a critical software bug in one of its smart contracts on Ethereum. On February 2nd, the Optimism team was alerted by Jay Freeman of a critical bug in Optimism’s fork of the...

Feb 03 2022

Qubit Finance Lost $80 Million In A Crypto Heist

Hackers exploited Qubit Finance's protocols, a Decentralized Finance project (DeFi), and stole $80 million worth of cryptocurrencies on Thursday, making it the most famous crypto heist of 2022 to date. After the incident, the firm has been begging cybercriminals to return stolen funds to figure out the situation as many people have lost their hard-earned money....

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