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Jan 09 2023

Hut 8’s Ontario Bitcoin Mining Operation Halted Amidst Power Disputes

Jan 09 2023 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  business canada hut 8 mining news

The mining company confirmed the operation is still shuttered after contractual disagreements with their power provider, Validus Power.Hut 8’s bitcoin mining operation in North Bay, Ontario has come to a standstill after a set of disagreements with its Canadian-based energy provider, Validus Power. Previously, Hut 8 notified the public of problems with Validus in November 2022, as the firm...

Jan 04 2023

Canada Has Declared A Local War On Bitcoin Mining

Multiple local governments across Canada have started to make life much harder for bitcoin miners.North America became the leading hub of bitcoin mining activity after China’s abrupt ban in May 2021. While the United States has grabbed most of the news headlines and a significant portion of investor attention,...

Dec 13 2022

Tighter Security Regulations For Unregistered Crypto Platforms In Canada

Canadian regulators have advised putting in place a coordinated oversight regime for all crypto trading platforms. Crypto platforms that are seeking registration will need to sign an undertaking to adhere to investor protections before they fall under formal regulatory surveillance. This move follows the...

Canada bars exchanges from margin, leverage trading; says stablecoins might be securities

Dec 13 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  canada regulation

Canada's Securities Administrators (CSA) on Dec. 12 barred crypto exchanges operating in the country from offering margin or leverage trading services to any Canadian client. The regulator added that these crypto...

Canada's CSA Labels Stablecoins as 'Securities and/or Derivatives'

The Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) is strengthening its oversight of the cryptocurrency industry following the collapse of FTX. It has expanded its requirements for crypto platforms operating in Canada.

The regulator will directly contact registered crypto platforms to discuss the new conditions while setting a...

Dec 08 2022

Québec Utility Requests Reallocation Of Electricity Away From Bitcoin Miners

Dec 08 2022 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  canada electricity legal mining news

Last month, the provincial energy regulator was asked to reallocate 270 megawatts that was set aside for cryptocurrency mining.The Quebec government's utility company, Hydro-Quebec, has requested the reallocation of 270 megawatts of energy set aside for cryptocurrency mining, once again signaling another Canadian government entity's desire to curtail or modify bitcoin mining in the country. As of December of 2021,...

Nov 07 2022

Why I Started Mining Bitcoin On My Farm To Offset Rising Costs

As costs continue to rise, one farmer began mining bitcoin. He shares his experience in order to help other farmers who find themselves in a similar situation.This is an opinion editorial by AlbertaHodl, a Canadian dairy and beef farmer and a passionate bitcoin miner.This is a farmer's perspective on why it is a good idea to mine bitcoin.I was born...

Nov 05 2022

Quebec’s Energy Manager To Cut Supply For Crypto Mining Due To Shortage

Cryptocurrencies are generated via a process known as crypto mining which consumes much electrical power. And higher energy consumption has consequently brought electrical power shortages in several regimes due to increased mining activities. Quebec, a Canadian province, is of them facing similar problems. And now, the provisional energy supplier wants to cut power sources for miners to survive in the winter when the...

Nov 04 2022

Canada will study crypto, stablecoins, and CBDCs in new budget

Nov 04 2022 Published at Coinscreed under tags  canada cbdcs crypto news stablecoins

In order to start the consultation, the government of Canada cited its worries about the potential threats that digital assets and the digitization of money may pose to its financial system. According to its new mini-budget, the federal government of Canada will soon begin a consultation on cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, and Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). […] The post...

Oct 21 2022

Made In The USA: WhatsMiner Will Produce Bitcoin Miners In American Soil

Did WhatsMiner just claim first-mover advantage? Is MicroBT, the manufacturing company, about to conquer the American continent? If so, this is big for the company, mining, and the bitcoin network. The uncertainty comes from the fact that there are no press releases in the distribution services. And neither WhatsMiner nor MicroBT’s official channels have confirmed the vast development. They have retweeted a few...

Sep 24 2022

Coinsquare Acquires CoinSmart, Plans to Boost Presence in Canada

In an official press release on Thursday, Coinsquare, a leading Canadian crypto firm, confirmed that the company has signed a definitive agreement to acquire CoinSmart. Through the acquisition, Coinsquare aims to become one of the largest

GEM Digital Invests $50 Million In ParallelChain Lab’s Mainnet Development

Ahead of ParallelChain mainnet launch, GEM Digital Limited, a digital asset investment, has reportedly invested $50 million into the firm. The investment is targeted at the ParallelChain Lab Layer-1 protocol development project. The blockchain industry keeps growing in strength as more funds enter the industry. The DeFi community is one part of the blockchain industry pulling the most weight. ParallelChain is an all-in-one...

Sep 19 2022

Pierre Poilievre Will Be Canada’s First Bitcoin Prime Minister

Pierre Poilievre is poised to become Canada’s first Bitcoin-supporting prime minister.This is an opinion editorial by Jesse Willms, a Canadian Bitcoin reporter.In a stunning win, Pierre Poilievre received...

Sep 13 2022

Trudeau says showing support for crypto is irresponsible leadership

Justin Trudeau has called out the newly elected leader of Canada's Conservative Party for his pro-crypto views. In a series of tweets on Sept. 13, the Prime Minister of Canada said that his party will continue to work with members of the Conservative Party...

Sep 12 2022

Bitcoin maxis bullish on new leader of Canada’s Conservative Party

Sep 12 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  bitcoin canada people pierre poilievre

Bitcoin (BTC) maximalists are celebrating the election of Pierre Poilievre as the new leader of Canada's Conservative Party because of his pro-crypto views. Who is Pierre Poilievre? Pierre Poilievre shot into the limelight earlier this year when he supported truckers' protests against vaccination in Ottawa. Since then, Poilievre has repeatedly criticized Justin Trudeau's-led...

Aug 19 2022

‪Canada Sets Limit To Crypto Purchases; Vitalik Responds To Other Crypto Investors

Aug 19 2022 Published at Coingape under tags  canada news regulation news vitalik buterin

Canadian crypto transaction restrictions have caught the attention of Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin, who is now showing support for cryptocurrency users in the country, as they continue to critique the government’s policies. Buterin throws weight behind Solana (SOL) users The new cryptocurrency regulatory changes for Canadians have not been well received by cryptocurrency users in the The post ‪Canada Sets Limit To Crypto Purchases;...

Canadian Regulator Limits Crypto Exposure for Banks and Insurers

Canada’s OSFI has created interim rules limiting banks’ exposure to cryptocurrencies. The rules will come into effect in the second quarter of 2023. The regulator will update the interim approach as needed. The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI), a Canadian regulator, has said that banks and insurers in the country must limit their exposure to crypto assets. Specifically, the interim...

Aug 18 2022

Canada Restricts Crypto, Here’s How The New Rules Affect You

Nine provinces in Canada have decided to limit the...

Aug 16 2022

Crypto.com Signs a Pre-Registration Undertaking with OSC in Canada

One of the largest digital asset trading platforms, Crypto.com recently confirmed that the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) has granted the company a pre-registration undertaking for operations in the Canadian region. With that, Crypto.com has become the first international cryptocurrency platform to sign an undertaking with Canada’s OSC.

The latest announcement from Crypto.com came just a few days after the company secured regulatory approval...

Jul 15 2022

Bitcoin Purchasing App Now Functional On 175,000 ATMs Across United States

Jul 15 2022 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  bitcoin btc atms canada us

Recent news cited that about 175,000 Hyosung's ATMs will incorporate the Bitcoin purchasing app in their operations. The idea is to facilitate Bitcoin transactions among ATM operators and retailers using Hyosung's machines. The US crypto retailers and ATM operators now have the leverage to purchase BTC through Hyosung's ATMs. The event occurred after...

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