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Nov 30 2021

First Bitcoin ETF To Pay Monthly Yield Launches In Canada

Nov 30 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  bitcoin etf canada markets yield

The Purpose Bitcoin Yield ETF employs a derivatives-based covered call strategy to pay monthly yield to investors.A bitcoin ETF offering monthly yields has been listed in Canada today.The Purpose Bitcoin Yield ETF is live on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol BTCY.B.Purpose Investments employs a derivatives-based covered call strategy to pay investors an expected eight...

Nov 17 2021

Fidelity Approved To Become Canada’s First Institutional Bitcoin Custodian

The firm was approved by Canadian regulators to launch a bitcoin custody and trading platform catered for institutional investors.Fidelity has been approved by Canadian regulators to become the country’s first bitcoin custodian.The move paves the way for more Canadian institutions to invest in bitcoin, including pension funds, portfolio managers, mutual funds, and ETFs.Fidelity will...

Nov 02 2021

Compass Mining Doubles Its Capacity With New Venture In Ontario

Compass Mining partners with Red Jar Digital Infrastructure to pioneer Bitcoin mining in Ontario, Canada.Compass Mining, the one-stop-shopping online bitcoin mining and hosting service announced today it is doubling its capacity by 140MW to 240MW making it the largest service of its kind in the world.Compass is partnering with Red...

Oct 17 2021

North Vancouver Plans To Be The World’s First City Heated By Bitcoin

Bitcoin (BTC) mining is an energy-intensive industry. One of the major by- products of mining - excess heat created by computational efforts - has mostly just gone to waste. Recently, many have been asking if there is a way to put that heat to better use and turn it into sustainable energy for others. As a result, mining companies are exploring various ways to...

Oct 14 2021

North Vancouver To Be World’s First City Heated By Bitcoin

Bitcoin mining company MintGreen to deliver innovative low-carbon mining waste solution to heat City of North Vancouver, BC.As the price of bitcoin rises, bitcoin's hashrate is also rising. Mining computers around the world are humming away and at the same time are producing amounts of waste in the form of excess heat that is unprecedented.Enterprising miners like Burnaby-based MintGreen, a Canadian...

Oct 13 2021

Largest Canadian Bitcoin ETF Opens to Mutual Fund Investors

Oct 13 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  bitcoin canada culture

Purpose Investments, an institutional firm with more than $12 billion under management, on Wednesday announced the launch of mutual fund units for the world’s first ETF backed and settled by Bitcoin.Purpose Investments, an institutional firm with more than $12 billion under management, on Wednesday announced the launch of mutual fund units for the world’s first ETF backed and settled by Bitcoin. “We’re...

Sep 23 2021

Sep 18 2021

What Did Jordan Peterson And Maxime Bernier Say About Bitcoin And The Austrians?

The Bitcoinization of Jordan Peterson is a go. The famed psychologist and media personality had a Canadian politician as a guest in his podcast and couldn’t help but touch on the subject. And Maxime Bernier was right there with him, which lead to a brief discussion about Austrian Economics. Even though both Peterson and Bernier are controversial figures, they’re as mainstream as it...

Aug 30 2021

Bitcoin Mining In Canada Is Thriving Despite Stringent Regulations

Though regulations in some Canadian regions make bitcoin mining difficult, the country overall is poised to become a top-three mining hub.There’s been plenty of jibber-jabber about how much the United States stands to benefit from the great hash rate migration from China, but what about the U.S.’s continental cousin,...

Aug 24 2021

China’s “Great Mining Migration” Leads Cryptocurrency Firms To Relocate

Aug 24 2021 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  bitcoin bit digital canada china covid-19

The recent move from China to crack down on cryptocurrency mining caused Bit Digital Inc to change its plan. Instead, the Nasdaq listed company intensified its efforts of acquiring over 20,000 computer systems from another country. The New York-based company has the machines in its core operations. By plugging high-powered computer systems into electrical energy sources of low costs, the machines will generate...

Aug 15 2021

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Score Rises Again As BTC Continues Its Bullish Trend

Difficulty in Bitcoin mining jumps the second time following the mid-July dip as the ecosystem recovers continuously. The Bitcoin mining ecosystem witnesses a mining difficulty that increased after China reported a crackdown facing the mining operations. The peak of the crackdown resulted in a global hash rate of up to three-quarters. BTC.com’s latest data reveals a Bitcoin mining difficulty...

Aug 06 2021

League Championship Series (LCS) Sponsorship Deal with FXT

The League Championship Series (LCS), popular in the US and Canada, is landing a seven-year deal with crypto derivatives exchange, FTX. The new deal between League Championship Series (LCS) and FTX will be the first sponsorship type of any blockchain-related exchanges for the Riot league-owned LCS....

Aug 02 2021

Blockchain Company DMG Invests $2 Million in Bosonic’s Crypto Trading Platform

The company’s latest investment is a strategic initiative focused on the institutional adoption of digital currencies.

Jul 27 2021

Why Aren’t More Bitcoin Miners Setting Up Shop In Canada?

As more bitcoin miners migrate from China, they are hesitant to set up shop in Canada, despite abundant energy and a cool climate. But why?Canada seems to offer many of the advantages for successful bitcoin mining — lots of stranded renewable energy (mostly hydro), a cooler climate (which is easier on equipment) and a lower fiat currency value (more competitive than the...

Jul 09 2021

Jul 01 2021

Hut 8 Buys 11,090 New Bitcoin Mining Rigs For $44 Million

North American bitcoin mining company Hut 8 has purchased 11,090 rigs for $44 million to complement an earlier purchase of 863 machines.Hut 8 Mining Corporation has announced a $44 million purchase of 11,090 WhatsMiner MicroBT M30S, M30S+ and M31S bitcoin mining rigs from Hong Kong-based company SuperAcme Technology.The purchase complements an earlier one of 863 M30S+ and M30S miners, which Hut...

Jun 28 2021

Jun 23 2021

First Mideast Bitcoin Fund Lists On Nasdaq Dubai Exchange

Jun 23 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  canada dubai fund markets middle east

The Bitcoin Fund has become the first bitcoin investment fund to trade in the Middle East after being listed on the Nasdaq Dubai exchange.The Bitcoin Fund, a Canadian, closed-end bitcoin investment fund, became the first of its kind to trade in the Middle East after being listed on the Nasdaq Dubai Exchange, reported...

Jun 22 2021

The First Pro Sports League In North America To Pay Athletes In BTC Is Here

Jun 22 2021 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  basketball bitbuy bitcoin canada canadian

Canada might not be known for crypto, or for basketball, but recent news could be changing that. The Canadian Elite Basketball League (CEBL) is becoming the first professional sports league in North America to adopt bitcoin as a method of payment for player salaries. The move is part of a league partnership with Canadian crypto platform Bitbuy, who will process the transactions....

Jun 21 2021

Canadian Basketball League To Pay Players In Bitcoin

Jun 21 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  business canada payments sports

The Canadian Elite Basketball League will allow players to receive portions of their salaries in bitcoin, through a partnership with Bitbuy.The Canadian Elite Basketball League (CEBL) announced that it will allow its players to receive a...

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