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Oct 05 2021

Cardano Price Prediction – ADA preparing for a 36% MOON?

Cardano is one of those interesting projects that gained popularity recently when its prices tripled. Not only was this move backed by strong fundamentals, but the entire cryptocurrency market was also on an uptrend. After the recent crypto crash, ADA prices lost...

Aug 13 2021

Cardano is ON FIRE! Up 43% and surpassing $2…Climbing HIGHER?

The day has finally come for Cardano enthusiasts. After an extended consolidation of a couple of weeks, Cardano price surpassed today the important $2 price mark. In fact, many traders and investors were awaiting this day, as ADA's technical formation was...

Aug 04 2021

Cardano price reaching $3 might be INEVITABLE…Here’s why

Aug 04 2021 Published at CryptoTicker under tags  ada price altcoin cardano cardano ada crypto

The cryptocurrency market finally managed to get out of its consolidation. After an extended bearish sentiment, the past week made way for crypto buyers to push prices upwards. Despite the average +20% performances of most cryptos, Cardano made lower than average returns and averaged a 10% increase in prices. The...

Jul 21 2021

All you need to know about Alonzo, the coming update in Cardano (ADA)

The Cardano project is very close to rolling out its smart contracts feature. IOHK, the development team behind the Cardano blockchain, is working to get the latest update that will add the long-awaited smart contracts to go live as of October 1st. Will the update occur within the established dates? Most people think it won't. Cardano is currently the fifth-largest...

Jun 10 2021

Cardano Price Prediction – After the Crash comes 2$?

Cardano ADA is a top contender when it comes to use-cases in the future. After the recent crash, Cardano prices adjusted heavily and fell around 60%. But when looking at prices from a macro perspective, we notice that ADA prices merely adjusted back to their average uptrend. In this...

May 14 2021

Will Tesla Accept DogeCoin? Speculation Rises After Tesla Quits BTC Payments

Members of a number of altcoin communities are vying for Tesla's attention; some users, however, are wary.

Sep 17 2020

5 Best Cryptocurrency Investments 2020

It is not difficult to see why investing in the cryptocurrency market has been so popular lately. However, many investors get intimidated when they see that Bitcoin (BTC) has lost more than half its value during all-time highs. The fact is that this is precisely what you will see in an emerging and healthy bull […] The post 5 Best Cryptocurrency Investments 2020...

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