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Feb 01 2022

Kanye West Shuns NFT Wave, Says He’s Focused On “Building Real Products”

Guess who won't be buying a Bored Ape soon? Ye. Kanye West, the billionaire musician and businessman, has made it clear that he is not interested in joining the market for non-fungible tokens, which reached a worth of $41 billion last year – at least not right now. Kanye West Believes NFTs Are Not Real In a social media statement on Monday night,...

Dec 01 2021

Jul 19 2021

Busta Rhymes On Crypto: “Gimme Some More:” Tyson, Saylor, & Dorsey Respond

Is Busta Rhymes putting in the work? Is the rapper going to do his own research and emerge triumphant on the other side? We weren’t counting on it, but Busta Rhymes’ interest in cryptocurrencies hasn’t waned. And, surprise surprise, he only answered the offers of two of the most notorious Bitcoin maximalists around: Jack Dorsey and Michael Saylor. Is Busta about to be...

Jun 12 2021

Unbelievable Facts About BitClout’s Tech And Genesis

Look, this is actually not new, but we just found out about it. And it’s extremely relevant. Two intrepid blockchain explorers looked under BitClout’s hood and you won’t believe what they found. But first, we have to get you up to date. Bitcoinist has been on the case; we covered the basics in...

Nov 23 2020

John Lennon’s Son Says Bitcoin ‘Empowers’ People Like Never Before

Nov 23 2020 Published at CoinDesk under tags  bitcoin celebrities news people

Sean Ono Lennon praised bitcoin for its ability to help individuals transcend politics and world events.

Nov 21 2020

What Do Mexico’s Second Wealthiest Billionaire and Arya Stark Have In Common?

Nov 21 2020 Published at CoinDesk under tags  celebrities people podcasts the breakdown

Recapping a wild week in bitcoin price action that has drawn out numerous previously-quiet HODLers.

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