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May 27 2022

How The Federal Government Showed Me The Importance Of Bitcoin

The government’s overreach in taking my website was a hands-on experience that taught me why Bitcoin was necessary.Jason Harris is a world-class American glass artist and founder of Jerome Baker Designs, a leading functional glass company founded in 2003 and based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The feds seized my website JeromeBaker.com during...

May 01 2022

Does Bitcoin Have Intrinsic Value?

Contrary to popular belief, value cannot exist without an evaluator. Bitcoin has both objective and subjective value which is only starting to be recognized.Listen to various Bitcoin critics for long enough and you’ll inevitably hear the argument that Bitcoin can’t possibly succeed because...

Apr 26 2022

Contrary To Popular Claims, Bitcoin Is Alive And Well

Bitcoin critics like to claim its failure every time there is a major price drawdown, but a true representation of the network proves otherwise.Embittered nocoiners love to cherry-pick moments when Bitcoin doesn’t live up to arbitrary expectations. The joke’s on them as Bitcoin grows ever stronger.Mainstream economists, pundits, journalists and others trapped in a...

Apr 23 2022

Apr 07 2022

Impervious AI Releases Internet Browser Built On Bitcoin

Impervious is a new internet browser that does not track or sell data, is censorship resistant and is built on top of Bitcoin’s peer-to-peer Lightning network.The Impervious browser by Impervious AI was released at Bitcoin Conference 2022Impervious is built on top of Bitcoin as a programmatic layer allowing developers to utilize Bitcoin as a base layer for verification, and the Lightning...

Mar 24 2022

Bitcoin Is The Trojan Horse For A Decentralized Internet

The hosts of “Simply Bitcoin” discuss how the censorship-resistant nature of Bitcoin can lead to a disintermediated internet where free speech reigns.Watch This Episode On YouTubeListen To This Episode:...

Mar 10 2022

Bitcoin Was Made For This: The Apex Of Apolitical

The entirety of Bitcoin’s existence is dedicated to its usability by anyone regardless of their intent.Satoshi Nakamoto’s invention was made to be apolitical. It was made for users to avoid being held monetary hostage to rulers who didn’t approve of their transactions or their political defiance. Its existence means that despicable dictators can’t take funds from you or stop you from transacting...

Jun 28 2021

What Does Censorship-Resistant Really Mean?

What happens if the current honeymoon phase ends, and The State decides to come after those interacting with Bitcoin?It’s all happening. After dropping to $3,800 in March of 2020, bitcoin is now sitting around $35,000. It seems like more legacy institutions or large investors are announcing their entrance into the space every day. Thousands of coins are moving off exchanges. Governments around...

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