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Jun 18 2021

Chainlink Grants Program Expands to Include Social Impact Initiatives

The Chainlink Community Grant Program is expanding beyond smart contracts and blockchain projects focused on the Chainlink ecosystem Social Impact Initiatives will now be included in the Chainlink Community Grant Program The grants program will now fund developers and researchers building real-life solutions using smart contracts The team at Chainlink has announced the expansion of its Community Grants Program to include social impact...

Jun 04 2021

Chainlink to Collaborate with IEEE to Develop Intl. Oracle Standards

Chainlink is collaborating with the IEEE to develop global standards for the adoption of decentralized oracle networks Chainlink will be working with the Computer Society Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Standards Committee of the IEEE A Chainlink community grant has been awarded to sponsor the process IEEE is a global body that provides industry standards in engineering, computing and technology The team at Chainlink...

Apr 15 2021

LINK Soars to All-time Highs on Launch of the Chainlink 2.0 Whitepaper

The team at Chainlink has launched the whitepaper to version 2.0 of the project The new whitepaper proposes hybrid smart contracts on Chainlink The digital asset of LINK has set a new all-time high of $44.1447 - Binance rate Chainlink 2.0 might signal a new phase of growth for LINK in the crypto markets The team at Chainlink (LINK) has released a new...

Mar 23 2021

Chainlink Team Has Dumped 34M+ LINK on Binance – Zeus Capital

Summary: Zeus Capital has continued to rattle the Chainlink project, constantly insinuating it is a scam The latest accusation is that the Chainlink team has been dumping LINK on Binance since last summer Zeus Capital highlights a Chainlink address holding 90k LINK and claims it once had 34.5 million tokens According to Zeus, the address sold 1M LINK per month and soon graduated...

Feb 26 2021

Chainlink Bug Bounty to Payout $100k For Critical Vulnerabilities

In brief: Chainlink has extended its bug bounty program to provide $100k for the disclosure of critical vulnerabilities The payout will either be in cash or LINK The Chainlink bug bounty program will be available through Gitcoin and HackerOne Chainlink's goal is to guarantee a secure oracle infrastructure for its smart contracts The team at Chainlink has announced that the project will be...

Feb 05 2021

Chainlink Community Members Awarded Grant to Build Coding Academy

In brief: Chainlink Community advocates Cole Gendreau and Zak Ayesh have been awarded a grant to build the Chainlink Academy The academy is a coding platform and open-source library of resources for those interested in building smart contracts using Chainlink The Chainlink Community Grant program is geared towards supporting growth in the network and community The team at Chainlink has announced that it...

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