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Jan 27 2023

Crypto 101: How to Buy Cardano (ADA)?

Crypto assets have taken the world by storm, and Cardano (ADA) is the...

Jan 21 2023

CoinDesk Might Have Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson As Potential Buyer

Charles Hoskinson, co-founder of the blockchain network Cardano, is interested in purchasing CoinDesk, DCG's media arm, despite the company's current difficulties. According to Yahoo! Finance, Hoskinson’s reasoning as to why he has shown strong interest in buying up DCG’s media unit is that he believes...

Jan 20 2023

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson confirms interest in CoinDesk acquisition

Cardano (ADA) founder Charles Hoskinson confirmed interest in acquiring the crypto-focused media outlet CoinDesk on Jan. 19. Hoskinson said CoinDesk appeared to be overpriced for its $200 million asking price, adding that he would decide after reviewing the firm's books. Revamping...

Just-In: Here’s Why Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson Interested In Buying CoinDesk

Jan 20 2023 Published at Coingape under tags  ada cardano charles hoskinson news

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson on Friday said he is considering buying crypto news website CoinDesk to overhaul it into a mix of a news...

Nov 16 2022

Musk, Hoskinson, And Crypto Community Slam New York Times’ SBF Article

There are seldom times when the entire crypto community comes together on any matter but one of these rare occurrences has taken place this week. It comes hot on the heels of the FTX collapse and an article from the New York Times following an interview with the now ex-CEO of FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF). Not long after the article was published, participants...

Nov 10 2022

Worried About The Future Of Crypto? Here’s What Cardano Founder Thinks

With the crypto market suffering massive losses this week, there has been more concern about the future of the space. This is not just limited to the price of the digital assets in the market, but rather the collapse of multiple big players in crypto such as Terra in May and now the FTX crypto exchange. However, not everyone is frazzled by recent...

Oct 28 2022

Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin Believes Twitter HQ Should Be Moved To Switzerland

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin believes that the Twitter headquarters should be moved to Switzerland. His comments came barely hours after Elon Musk took over Twitter.

Oct 26 2022

Is Ethereum A Security? Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson Sheds Some Light

Since Ethereum moved from a proof of work (PoW) to a proof of stake (PoW) mechanism, there has been an ongoing debate on whether the digital asset is now a security or a commodity. Notable figures have shared their insight on this and how the regulatory bodies are actually classifying cryptocurrencies. The latest is Cardano founder Charles Hoskison, who shared his thoughts on...

Oct 11 2022

Just-In: Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson Cuts Ties With The XRP Community

Oct 11 2022 Published at Coingape under tags  altcoin news charles hoskinson news ripple

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson cuts ties with the XRP community due to continued criticism from the XRP army after his "conspiracy" comments during a recent online interview. Hoskinson said he has been trolled and harassed by some XRP followers for many days. Meanwhile, XRP influencer XRPcryptowolf assures Charles Hoskinson that... Read more

Oct 10 2022

BitBoy Crypto alleges former SEC Director took bribes to label ETH a commodity

Crypto influencer Ben Armstrong (BitBoy Crypto) alleged that former SEC Director William Hinman accepted bribes to declare Ethereum (ETH) a commodity in an Oct. 9 tweet. Gotta say when #ETHGate dropped I was about at the same...

Oct 08 2022

Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson Clears His Side In SEC Vs Ripple

Oct 08 2022 Published at Coingape under tags  altcoin news charles hoskinson news xrp

After the XRP community finds recent comments by Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson attacking Ripple and XRP, Hoskinson clears his position in the SEC vs Ripple dispute. He believes most Layer-1 protocols aren't securities due to their utility, decentralization, and passing the Howey Test. The real issue is the lack of... Read more

Oct 04 2022

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson calls for an end to Bitcoin mining

Oct 04 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  analysis bitcoin cardano charles hoskinson

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson explained why he thinks Bitcoin mining should be stopped and all existing units of the assets should be converted into wrapped Bitcoin (wBTC) in an Oct. 3 Twitter broadcast. Wrapped Bitcoin is BTC on smart...

Oct 03 2022

Cardano’s founder Charles Hoskinson reveals ‘age of Voltaire’

Oct 03 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  cardano charles hoskinson technology

Cardano (ADA) founder Charles Hoskinson said the blockchain network will soon enter the Voltaire era, showing the industry "how to do decentralized governance." The Age of Voltaire will soon be upon us as an ecosystem. It's going to unlock the power of the millions of Cardano users and...

Sep 29 2022

Cardano Developer Emurgo Unveils $200 Million Investment For Blockchain Growth

Emurgo set to bolster Cardano's blockchain growth in the next three years with $200 million investment.

Sep 28 2022

Cardano (ADA) Price Falls After Vasil Hard Fork, Charles Hoskinson Has This To Say

Sep 28 2022 Published at Coingape under tags  altcoin news cardano charles hoskinson news

Cardano (ADA) price almost hit a year-low after the Vasil hard fork as the upgrade fails to build a bullish movement. Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson believes the Cardano network needs a certified wallet to improve decentralization and sync speed. The proposed Cardano wallet algorithm Daedalus Turbo claims 10x sync time... Read more

Sep 27 2022

Cardano Founder Calls Out Ethereum Community, Developers

The Cardano network has always been a fierce competitor for the Ethereum network. Naturally, this has translated into a prolonged rivalry between the communities of the two blockchains. This time around, though, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson has also joined in on the banter between the two communities, coming directly from the Ethereum community and the developers who work on the blockchain. Cardano Founder...

Sep 26 2022

Ethereum developers, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson get into a Twitter feud

Cardano (ADA) founder Charles Hoskinson got into a war of words with Ethereum (ETH) developers as he criticized them for ignoring Ouroboros. To discuss major differences in protocol design. I repeatedly pointed out that the core engineers of Ethereum...

Actor Will Sasso’s Twitter Hacked; Used To Promote ADA Scam

Canadian Actor William Sasso's Twitter account has been compromised, with the hackers using the account to promote an ADA scam. The compromise is the latest of a series of Twitter account hacks in a coordinated attempt to publicize ADA and XRP scams on the aves-themed social platform. It is ill-advised... Read more

Aug 29 2022

Cardano Surpasses Bitcoin In Global Ranking For Intimate Brands

Aug 29 2022 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  adausdt cardano charles hoskinson

Being the first cryptocurrency to exist and the largest by market cap, Bitcoin has always dominated several aspects, but now altcoins such as Cardano are also gaining momentum. For many people, BTC remains the essential crypto asset that they know. Its adoption is more comprehensive than other digital assets. Also, lots of payments with virtual currency would majorly specify the use of Bitcoin....

Aug 23 2022

Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson Defends Tornado Cash Developers

Tornado Cash is a crypto mixer that recently came under sanction from the United States government. The reasoning given for this was the fact that it was a protocol used by criminals to hide the origins of their funds. Most notably used by South Korean hackers who have stolen millions of dollars in hacks over the last few years. It was recently made...

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