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May 17 2022

Where is Bitcoin Heading Following Terra Luna Turmoil?

Following the collapse of Terra Luna some volatility was seen across the leading cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum. UST lost its peg to the US Dollar and despite efforts of the Lunda Guard Fou...

Mar 31 2022

WeChat Bans ‘A Large Number’ of Accounts Promoting NFTs

WeChat, a Chinese messenger app owned by Tencent and with 1.2 billion active users, has reportedly banned a large number of accounts that widely promoted non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Jan 04 2022

Follow the Money: Looking Ahead at NFTs in 2022

2021 was the year of the non-fungible tokens or NFTs. Though they have been around since 2014, the world did not seem to take much note of these digitally unique tokens until around March, when sev...

Sep 28 2021

Alibaba to Stop Selling Crypto Mining Machines amid China’s Crackdown

The measure will take effect starting October 8, 2021, which also covers tutorials and software related to cryptos.

Jun 10 2021

Jun 04 2021

Chinese Province Regulators Warn on Illegal Crypto Fundraising Schemes

Hainan's regulators stated their warning was in line with the existing nationwide ban on cryptocurrencies.

May 31 2021

Chinese Crypto Traders Are Actively Using OTC Platforms To Bypass Regulator

Domestic and foreign OTC desk activity from China skyrocketed since May 18 amid sell-off triggered by the Chinese crackdown.

May 25 2021

How Low Will Bitcoin Go? BTC Appears to Stabilize Around $37K

Last week, BTC's price dropped more than 20 percent. Is the market crash over? What's next?

Apr 26 2021

Are China’s Banks Using the CDBC to Wrest Data Control from AliPay & WeChat?

6 of China's largest banks are promiting the use of the e-CNY in an online shopping festival on May 6th.

Apr 19 2021

People’s Bank of China Gov: Crypto is An “Investment Option,” Not “Currency”

The newly-appointed governor of PBoC seems to be taking a more crypto-friendly stance than his predecessor.

Mar 19 2021

China Tests Its Digital Yuan on More Platforms

Beijing's central bank has reportedly further engaged an ongoing initiative based in Hong Kong.

Dec 14 2020

‘We Are Not Like Libra’: China’s CBDC Won’t Aim to Replace International Fiats

"[...] We don’t have an ambition to replace existing currencies," said Zhou Xiaochuan, former PBC governor.

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