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Jan 27 2022

From The Ground: A Salvadoran With The Latest On Chivo Wallet And BTC Education

For current information about the Chivo Wallet, you have to ask a Salvadoran. It was about time we brought another El Salvador native to “From The Ground.” The previous one, Darvin Otero, was a tech entrepreneur with skin in the game....

Nov 30 2021

From The Ground: Devastating Problems With The Chivo Wallet

During Bitcoin Week, reports of the Chivo Wallet stealing people’s Bitcoin reached a mainstream audience. Salvadorans have been dealing with the issue and reporting it to tech support for a while, without much luck. The international influencers that recently visited El Salvador have a much wider audience, and they are very confident that they know how to work the wallets....

Nov 06 2021

From The Ground: Salvadoran Tells Us Exactly What’s Going On In Bitcoin Country

If we want to know what’s really going on in El Salvador, asking a Salvadoran is the way to go. Our first From The Ground report had phenomenal information, but there are details that only a local can provide. Luckily for us, the “Bitcoin en...

Nov 03 2021

From The Ground: The “Bitcoin In El Salvador” Documentary, What Did We Learn?

The audiovisual part of the “Bitcoin in El Salvador” documentary is truly amazing. Dutch national Arnold Hubach, Bitcoin Magazine NL’s editor, got shots that are out of this world. He recorded the good, the bad, and the ugly about the whole Bitcoinization process. The man is obviously partial to Bitcoin but, from the political point of view, he gave us much needed neutral...

Oct 04 2021

News From El Salvador, Early October: The Chivo Ecosystem’s Stress Test

Another month, another Bitcoin mined using volcanic power. That’s what’s happening in El Salvador, the little country that could. Plus, Moneygram alters its business. Problems and solutions with Chivo ATMs and the Chivo ecosystem as a whole. Stars in Bitcoin Beach and direct reports from the ground. This edition of our now regular news roundup comes full of action and heartwarming stories, so...

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