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May 10 2022

God Is Dead, Bitcoin Lives

A philosophical discussion based on ideas popularized by Friedrich Nietzsche with Bitcoin as a new-world mythology to replace current beliefs.God is dead, Bitcoin lives. This is to be the bedrock of a new mythology since that is exactly what Bitcoin is — myth. Friedrich Nietzsche is a German philosopher and is credited with the popularization of the statement “God is dead,” in...

Mar 29 2022

How Bitcoin Wins The Culture Wars In The Fight For Family Values

The hosts of the “Bitcoin Magazine Podcast” discuss regulatory attacks on Bitcoin and the degradation of family values with Calvin Robinson.Listen To The Episode:Apple...

Nov 06 2021

Christians Are Called To Use Money Based In Truth: Bitcoin

The baseline ideas behind bitcoin are supported by the virtues that Christians should seek to exemplify in the world.Christians are called to be people of the truth. Since Satan is the father of lies, we Christians should call out and oppose any and every falsehood, wherever they may be found. As a Christian and Bitcoiner, I was disappointed and frustrated to read...

Oct 24 2021

The Worldwide Church Will Benefit From Global Money

Oct 24 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  christianity culture religion

Like the printing press and the internet, Bitcoin is an invention that addresses many of the challenges of evangelism.From Gutenberg to Google, for the last six centuries the church’s ability to utilize innovation has led to further expansion of the Gospel. Whether a missionary’s ministry takes place in modern cities or third world countries, the process of sending money across oceans can...

Jul 28 2021

Financial Protestants: How The Bitcoin Revolution Resembles The Reformation

Various similarities exist between The Protestant Reformation and the revolution being built around Bitcoin.The European Renaissance is generally held in high regard in the Bitcoin community as a model of a contrarian, revolutionary impact on the world. This movement was driven by humanist thought leadership and philosophy, scientific discovery, geographic exploration and artistic evolution. Likewise, Bitcoiners...

Apr 23 2021

Christian Fear of Bitcoin Stems From Lack of Knowledge and Misdirection

Apr 23 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  christianity culture religion

The characteristics and values that define Bitcoin have more in common with Christianity than mainstream opinions may convey.“No Stance” Is the Wrong StanceThe silence among Christians regarding bitcoin and cryptocurrency is surprising and alarming. While the Bible offers several hundred verses about prayer and faith, there are over 2,000 with the focus on money and wealth. Arguably, the most prominent...

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