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Apr 21 2022

Flared Gas Bitcoin Mining Pioneer Crusoe Energy Raises $505 Million

Crusoe Energy raised $505 million in a series C round led by G2 Venture Partners to help the miner expand and diversify its energy sources.Crusoe Energy raised $505 million in a clean energy-focused investment round to enable the company to focus on large-scale bitcoin mining. The round, led by G2 Venture Partners, provided $350 million in equity and $155 million in corporate...

Apr 08 2022

Canaan Announces New ASIC Miner Along With Company Standards For Green Bitcoin Mining

ASIC manufacturer, Canaan, announced a brand new mining machine in addition to green mining standards about energy, mining and infrastructure.Canaan senior vice president, Edward Lu, shared the company’s plans to create green energy standards for Bitcoin mining on the mining stage at Bitcoin 2022. Lu gave a speech, titled “Clean Energy: The New Revolution of Bitcoin Mining." Lu said, “Sustainable Bitcoin...

Sep 29 2021

The President Shows El Salvador’s Volcano Bitcoin Mining Rig’s “First Steps

Many people doubted Nayib Bukele’s Volcano Bitcoin Mining plans, but here we are. The president shared a video via Twitter in which we can see an El Salvador government-branded container arriving at the geothermal power plant. The reveal is that the container is full of Bitcoin mining rigs and you can see the technicians plugging them in. Bukele’s tagline is a mysterious “...

Sep 26 2021

Bitcoin Mining With Clean Energy Changes The World

Sep 26 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  asics clean energy culture miner mining

The energy usage of bitcoin mining has been frequently misrepresented — but there's still reason to seek renewable energy sources.What if you could substitute a renewable battery-powered motor for the internal combustion engine just twelve years after its invention? At minimum, we would not be faced with the challenge of limiting greenhouse gas emissions. For all of the benefits the internal combustion...

Aug 05 2021

Bitcoin Miner Bitfarms Mined 391 BTC In July With 99% Clean Energy

Bitcoin mining company Bitfarms has shared bitcoin production updates, including energy usage and the company's strategic HODL mentality.Bitcoin miner Bitfarms has announced updates on its mining operations, including...

Jul 22 2021

What Did Musk, Dorsey, And Wood Say About ESG, Green Energy, And Bitcoin Mining?

The billionaires had a Zoom meeting yesterday, and it’s all crypto Twitter talks about today. Bitcoin should embrace ESG concerns, thinks Cathie Wood. Jack Dorsey hopes Bitcoin will bring world peace. Elon Musk doubled down on his sketchy views about the subject and wasn’t...

Jul 20 2021

RIGZ ETF Provides Exposure To The Infrastructure Underpinning Bitcoin

Viridi funds has announced the launch of RIGZ, the firm’s new clean energy Bitcoin mining ETF that goes beyond just miners.According to a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine, registered investment advisor and emerging fund manager Viridi Funds has announced today the launch of its Cleaner Energy Crypto-Mining & Semiconductor (RIGZ) exchange-traded fund (ETF).Veridi said a growing...

May 29 2021

Police Raid Cannabis Farm, Find Secret Bitcoin Mine Instead

We’ll make a valid point about Bitcoin mining using this story, we promise. This one would be hilarious if there wasn’t a crime involved. So, don’t laugh. We’re serious. In the United Kingdom, the West Midlands Police received a tip about a warehouse. Ventilation ducts and wiring were visible and multiple people visited the facilities at various times of the day. According to...

Apr 23 2021

$2,600 ETH

PLUS: Is Thodex the next Quadriga? This week was full of fun headlines, with two exchanges and two cryptocurrencies taking up the top spots in the recap. A former Coinbase executive, who recently served as the Acting Comptroller of Currency, will be joining Binance.US as its CEO. Coinbase also made headlines after reports came out documenting just how much stock its executive team...

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