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Feb 19 2023

Binance Negotiates With US Regulators After Admitting Regulatory Flaws

Feb 19 2023 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  binance busd cnbc crypto crypto news

The Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) at Binance confirms the firm had some compliance issues years after its launch in 2017. The company is now discussing with the US regulators for a possible level ground. The US regulators have recently tightened their measures on the cryptocurrency industry. They’ve set their eyes on the world’s largest crypto exchange Binance while scrutinizing most firms. Binance Admitted...

Oct 04 2022

Peter Schiff Embarrasses Himself Discussing Kim Kardashian, Accuses M. Saylor

This might be Peter Schiff’s weirdest take, and the man’s got a few. While commenting on Kim Kardashian's recent deal with the SEC, the gold bug fired at “the real pumpers”… Michael Saylor? and… CNBC? Did Peter Schiff and his team even do basic research about Kim Kardashian's case? Or is he playing dumb, attacking his perceived enemies, and muddying the waters? For...

Apr 15 2022

To Test The Lightning Network, CNBC Sent BTC To A Ukranian In Poland. The Result?

Mainstream media, CNBC to be exact, experienced the power of Lightning. The article’s snatchy title says it all, “We sent bitcoin from Miami to a Ukrainian in Poland who withdrew it as cash, all in less than three minutes.”...

Jan 08 2022

Analyst highlights Key Bullish Catalyst for Bitcoin this Year

Bitcoin still has a lot of bullish catalysts in 2022 that will drive up its adoption and prices according to Peter...

Dec 20 2021

China Is Mining Bitcoin Underground: Report

About 20% of the world’s bitcoin miners are estimated to still operate from Chinese soil.According to a report by CNBC, bitcoin miners have found ways to keep operating in China despite the country’s comprehensive efforts to crack down on the industry.China used to be the country with the most significant share of hashrate. But that began to change in May...

Sep 06 2021

Bitcoin Miners And Oil Producers To Discuss Crypto-Mining Opportunities

Sep 06 2021 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  ayden griffin bitcoin china cnbc oilmen

Last week, Bitcoin miners and oil producers met in Houston to discuss the possible opportunities for on-site digital mining. They meet in-vehicle warehouse, which served as their point of encounter to examine these opportunities. The meeting had over 200 investors in attendance to deliberate on an alliance aimed at favoring both parties. Related Reading |...

Aug 27 2021

I Own Ethereum Directly, Says Jim Cramer

The host of CNBC’s Mad Money praised the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency.

Aug 25 2021

Coinbase Users Unhappy With Support Service As Funds Disappear From The Accounts

Coinbase users are in trouble again. They are making their anger and frustrations known to the $65B company withholding their support. Customers of Coinbase are attacking the company for poor customer support service. The users are angry after sending reports to the company that their accounts are hacked into, and their funds disappear. Following the...

Aug 07 2021

CNBC Is As Clueless About El Salvador’s Bitcoin Law As Most Mainstream Media

This analysis of the Bitcoin Law will not age well. In a recent episode of CNBC’s “Beyond The Valley” podcast, they tried to cover the risks inherent in El Salvador’s decision to make Bitcoin legal tender and failed miserably. This is a technology-focused specialized podcast. Could they be this clueless? Or did they have an agenda and tried to muddy the waters with...

Jul 15 2021

I Don’t Want Bitcoin in My Portfolio, Says Steven Mnuchin

Mnuchin also highlighted the need for a clear cryptocurrency regulatory framework.

Jun 29 2021

I Like Ethereum More, Says Jim Cramer

The host of CNBC’s Mad Money said that people can use Ethereum to buy things.

Jun 22 2021

Sold Almost Entire Bitcoin Holdings, Says Jim Cramer

The host of CNBC’s Mad Money expressed his concerns regarding China’s Bitcoin mining crackdown announcement.

May 19 2021

This Is What Happens When Cyber Criminals Use Bitcoin: The DarkSide Saga

A point of contention non-coiners have regarding Bitcoin is its alleged use by cybercriminals. People use the leading cryptocurrency for nefarious purposes, that’s a fact. However, so is every other form of money known to man used. There’s a difference, though: The blockchain. It registers every Bitcoin transaction, forever. A point that the DarkSide saga illustrates beautifully. As...

Apr 16 2021

Why Jim Cramer Could Regret Selling “Phony Money” Bitcoin To Pay Off Mortgage

Apr 16 2021 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  bitcoin btc btcusd btcusdt cnbc

Coinbase Global just launched this week, Bitcoin set a new all-time high, and crypto markets are on fire like never before. Why then has CNBC's Jim Cramer chosen now to cash out his coins and pay off his real-life mortgage with what he calls "phony money?" Also why the low blow to Bitcoin after a successful...

Feb 09 2021

Cramer Says ‘Every’ Corporate Treasurer Should Be Thinking Bitcoin

The CNBC host said its almost irresponsible not to include bitcoin on balance sheets following Tesla's buy.

Jan 27 2021

GameStop-Style Revolts Spread, Prompting Halt by TD Ameritrade, Nasdaq Monitoring

Nasdaq and TD Ameritrade are taking a mob of Reddit traders head on.

Jan 08 2021

Bitcoin Is ‘Less Risky the Higher It Goes,’ Says Investor Bill Miller on CNBC

Jan 08 2021 Published at CoinDesk under tags  bill miller bitcoin cnbc markets wall street

"That's the opposite of what happens with most stocks," the mutual fund legend added.

Nov 09 2020

Billionaire Hedge Fund Investor Druckenmiller Says He Owns Bitcoin in CNBC Interview

Nov 09 2020 Published at CoinDesk under tags  billionaires cnbc news people

The Wall Street legend still owns far more gold, but said if gold does well, bitcoin will do better.

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