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May 20 2022

The UK Goes Lightning: CoinCorner Offers The Bolt Card, Contactless BTC Payments

The future is now. CoinCorner's the Bolt Card is a contactless and convenient debit card that lacks a screen. The product points to the next stage in bitcoin evolution, the creation of circular economies powered by the Lightning Network. Is this card the idea that will bridge the gap between bitcoin and the general public? At the...

May 17 2022

CoinCorner Released A Lightning NFC Card For Bitcoin

CoinCorner released the Bolt Card, a contactless NFC card that works similar to the tap function for Visa, but on the Bitcoin Lightning Network.CoinCorner has released The Bolt Card, an NFC-enabled Lightning card.Similar to a Visa, users would just tap their card on a Lightning-enabled POS to spend bitcoin.CoinCorner and BTCPay Server gateways are supported with multiple vendors and...

Nov 23 2021

Solving Bitcoin's Self-Custody Problem

The cofounder of the U.K.'s longest-running Bitcoin exchange discusses his journey in Bitcoin and the importance of self custody.Watch This Episode On YouTubeListen To This Episode:...

Oct 04 2021

Bitcoin Exchange CoinCorner Acquires Customer Base, Domains Of Coinfloor

The U.K.-based exchanges agreed to move Coinfloor customers over to CoinCorner "to further bitcoin adoption."CoinCorner acquired Coinfloor's customer base and internet domains (coinfloor.co.uk and coinfloor.com).Coinfloor customers have one month to decide whether to migrate or close their accounts. If they choose to close their accounts, they have to withdraw all their funds....

Sep 29 2021

UK-based CoinCorner is now a carbon neutral Bitcoin exchange

Sep 29 2021 Published at CryptoNinjas under tags  coincorner crypto exchanges

CoinCorner, a UK-focused bitcoin exchange company, announced that it is now carbon-neutral. The carbon-neutral project was conducted by the company's...

Jan 06 2021

UK Exchange CoinCorner Adds Bitcoin Lightning Network Support

Jan 06 2021 Published at CoinDesk under tags  coincorner exchanges lightning network tech

Exchange support for Bitcoin's Lightning Network is growing as U.K.-based CoinCorner's integration of the scaling solution goes live.

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