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Apr 08 2022

How CoinJoin, CoinSwap Enable Basic Bitcoin Privacy

A cohort of developers discussed CoinJoin and CoinSwap on-stage during the Bitcoin 2022 conference to highlight the main characteristics of these Bitcoin privacy tools.Four prominent software developers joined an on-stage chat at the Bitcoin 2022 conference to explain and discuss CoinJoin and CoinSwap, two kinds of...

Sep 24 2021

This Tool Can Protect Your Privacy When Using Bitcoin

On-chain coinjoin is blended with off-chain coinswaps in this fascinating new hybrid approach.There is a new privacy tool coming to town: coinswaps on statechains. The original statechain design was proposed by Ruben Somsen at Scaling Bitcoin 2018 in Tokyo. I will summarize quickly, but Aaron van Wirdum has a very thorough explainer of the original concept...

Feb 03 2021

How Bitcoin’s Taproot Upgrade Will Improve Technology Across Bitcoin’s Software Stack

Feb 03 2021 Published at CoinDesk under tags  bitcoin coinswap multisig privacy ptlcs

Scaling, privacy and custody software will all benefit from Bitcoin’s biggest upgrade in years.

Dec 31 2020

Bitcoin’s 2020 In Tech

Seemingly undisturbed by 2020’s craziness, and largely unfazed by bitcoin’s wild price swings that concluded with new all-time highs in December, Bitcoin’s technical community continues to plow ahead. Bitcoin’s software and the many projects around it were gradually improved throughout the year, as software was optimized, bugs fixed and privacy leaks patched. The bulk of this work, as vital as much of it...

Dec 09 2020

First CoinSwap Test Could Herald an Era of Stronger Bitcoin Privacy

Dec 09 2020 Published at CoinDesk under tags  bitcoin chris belcher coinswap privacy tech

"A big day for bitcoin privacy" said developer Chris Belcher as he announced a test transaction implementing a promising privacy technology invented years ago

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