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Jun 29 2022

ConsenSys Parters With StarkWare

Software companies ConsenSys and StarkWare are now offering a StarkNet integration on both Infura and MetaMask. An Incredibly Significant Step Forward for StarkNet ConsenSys and StarWare are partnering up. According...

ConsenSys Partners With StarkWare

Software companies ConsenSys and StarkWare are now offering a StarkNet integration on both Infura and MetaMask. An Incredibly Significant Step Forward for StarkNet ConsenSys and StarWare are partnering up. According...

May 28 2022

JP Morgan Embraces Blockchain Technology Yet Jamie Damon Stays Critical Of Bitcoin

JP Morgan is taking more profound steps in blockchain technology in recent development. This new generation bank now uses blockchain in maintaining its collateral statements. According to the report, JPMorgan Chase & Co has completed its pilot transaction on a blockchain. The use of blockchain technology and its...

Apr 18 2022

Mar 30 2022

iPhone and Android users at the risk of losing their crypto

Mar 30 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  consensys crime ethereum metamask

A new study has shown that android and iPhone users are at risk of their crypto being stolen through a "sophisticated malicious cryptocurrency scheme.” The cyber security company, ESET,...

Mar 21 2022

ConsenSys is Driving Institutional Interest in Web 3

ConsenSys is in the limelight in recent times for all the right reasons. The blockchain technology startup firm recently raised $450 million in a funding round. According to ConsenSys, the funding came from top institutional firms like Microsoft, Temasek, and Japan’s Softbank. This is a clear indicator of the growing interest in Web 3.0 by institutional-grade firms. This article covers details of top...

Mar 17 2022

Crypto Wallet MetaMask Reaches 30M Users Milestone, ConsenSys’ Valuation Increases to $7B

Digital wallet MetaMask, one of the most popular gateways to the world of decentralized finance (DeFi) and Web3, has reportedly surpassed the 30 million monthly active users (MAUs) milestone. The growth of ConsenSys’ flagship crypto wallet offering can not be overstated - in the last four months, its user base increased by more than 40%. For further context, the wallet had just 5...

Mar 16 2022

ConsenSys Raises $450 Million in a Series D Funding Round

. ConsenSys, a blockchain technology solutions provider, announced on Tuesday that it had closed a $450 million financing round, bringing its valuation to over $7 billion.

Mar 15 2022

MetaMask Developer ConsenSys Climbs to $7 Billion Valuation After $450 Million Fundraise

Ethereum-powered software developer ConsenSys has raised a massive $450 million in capital from its latest Series D funding round.

Mar 05 2022

ConsenSys is Under Fire From Shareholders

Mar 05 2022 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  consensys cryptocurrency news

According to a former ConsenSys employee, the company's founder illegally moved funds "to the detriment of minority shareholders" and without their permission. ConsenSys, a blockchain business to support Ethereum, is facing claims that its founder illegally moved assets to a new company. A group of 35 former employees filed an audit request with a Swiss court. They are claiming to represent more than...

Mar 03 2022

MetaMask blocks Ethereum transactions in several jurisdictions citing compliance issues

Mar 03 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  censorship consensys defi infura metamask

MetaMask has blocked users from certain jurisdictions from accessing its services and interacting with Ethereum. Users from Venezuela and Iran have begun reporting problems with accessing their digital wallets earlier today, with hundreds of users saying none of their transactions sent through MetaMask were realized. First instances of bans were noticed on OpenSea,...

Ethereum’s ConsenSys Faces Audit Over Financial Irregularities

Quick take: ConsenSys is facing a multi-billion audit as a result of 35 shareholders filing a request with Swiss Courts to investigate irregular financial transactions The transactions involve the transfer of intellectual properties and subsidiaries from ConsynSys AG to ConsenSys Software Incorporated (CSI) without the knowledge of the 35 shareholders Joseph Lubin is a major shareholder at both companies The Ethereum software development...

Feb 17 2022

ConsenSys Mesh introduces new advanced NFT standard: TreeTrunk

Feb 17 2022 Published at CryptoNinjas under tags  consensys featured vendor technology

Tomorrow, Ethereum co-founder, Joseph Lubin’s blockchain incubator, ConsenSys Mesh will introduce its new NFT platform TreeTrunk.io at the ETH Denver developer conference. Launching in a beta release on the Polygon Network’s Mumbai testnet, TreeTrunk presents a new smart contract that, for the first time in the...

Feb 02 2022

ConsenSys Acquires MyCrypto to Enhance MetaMask’s Web3 Experiences

ConsenSys, Blockchain software firm, announced the acquisition of MyCrypto, a market-leading Web3 wallet. Following the acquisition, ConsenSys will combine MyCrypto with its popular MetaMask wallet.

Dec 28 2021

ConsenSys Q3 Report: DeFi for Crypto Institutions

Dec 28 2021 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  consensys defi

Despite being in existence for four years, crypto institutions only started adopting DeFi (decentralized finance) recently. In the last quarter (Q3 2021), more organizations joined the train. Ethereum and MetaMask software provider, ConsenSys Q3 report gives key insights into the requirements that need to be in place before crypto institutions adopt...

ConsenSys: How Smart Contracts Audits Will Evolve in 2022

Smart Contracts are the backbone of blockchain. These contracts ensure that we do not need to trust a 3rd party. Top De-Fi smart contracts lock of over $10 Bn in Total Value. The launchpads distribute tokens of IDO projects through smart contracts. But can you trust the code? Let's see what ConsenSys has to say on the subject. On December 5th...

Dec 25 2021

ConsenSys: Meet The Top Performing Layer 2 Solutions

ConsenSys, a blockchain firm that offers developer tools alongside enterprise solutions, has announced the top-performing layer two solutions in its recently third-quarter web report. Layer 2 solutions help scale the Web3 landscape and attempt to reduce the cost of transactions on Ethereum. Therefore, rollups have shown major prospects in providing...

Consensys: Three Ways to Make Money Using NFTs

There are countless ways to engage with Non-Fungible Tokens, otherwise known as NFTs. And because these NFTs are typically created with smart contracts, there are countless ways to...

Dec 22 2021

The ConsenSys Q3 2021 Report on DeFi Governance

Dec 22 2021 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  aave compound consensys defi synthetix

The shift of governance from a small group of founding partners to the stakeholders of a particular project. That is what DeFi governance is. The ConsenSys Q3 Web Report exposes some of several key DeFi governance processes incorporated in top DeFi protocols like Synthetix, Aave, Uniswap, etc. Before we go into the details of the reports, it is important to note that governance...

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