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Jun 17 2022

Fears Of Further Contagion In The Bitcoin Market

With the closing of withdrawals at Celsius and the news of Three Arrows Capital being insolvent, it is more important than ever to hold your own keys....

May 24 2022

Bitcoin Is A New World Country

Bitcoin’s enforceable signature verification creates new possibilities for seamlessly and privately expressing ownership of bitcoin to another counterparty.Sam Abbassi is Founder and CEO of Hoseki, the proof-of-assets Bitcoin service.De Soto Dreams Of Electric MoneyCountries in the Global South are not poor because of culture, collective IQ, a lack of entrepreneurial...

Apr 06 2022

Bitcoin Pioneer Ross Ulbricht Auctioning Original Artwork, NFT Created In Prison

Ross Ulbricht, founder of darknet bitcoin marketplace Silk Road, is auctioning a series of art created while serving his life sentence.Ross Ulbricht, the former operator of early darknet bitcoin marketplace Silk Road, will be auctioning a collection of four original oil paintings and an animation consisting of 318 hand-drawn frames at Bitcoin 2022. He created the series, called “The Growth Collection,” as...

Mar 14 2022

Trust Through Verification: The Establishment’s Nightmare

Bitcoin enables transparent usage of funds through recorded transactions and verifiable crowdfunding.Bitcoin Smart Contracts Are The New Frontier When Elon Musk tweeted at the World Food Programme (WFP) to open their books and provide readily accessible accounting to solve world hunger, the organization used a lot of fancy words...

Aug 10 2021

Top 5 Historical NFT Collections On Bitcoin / Counterparty

In the previous article, we looked at the top 5 historical NFT collections on Ethereum. NFTs however precede the Ethereum blockchain as they had been present on the Counterparty side-chain running on top of the Bitcoin blockchain before long. Bitcoin doesn’t support any other token or NFTs besides the native BTC, Counterparty formed the earliest way by which...

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