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Apr 13 2021

COPA Files Bitcoin Copyright Injunction Against Craig Wright

Apr 13 2021 Published at FullyCrypto under tags  bitcoin bitcoin news craig wright

Reading Time: 2 minutes COPA has filed an injunction against Craig Wright to try and stop him claiming copyright over the Bitcoin whitepaper COPA has asked that the UK High Court declare he is not the author of the Bitcoin whitepaper or its copyright holder The filing...

Apr 12 2021

COPA Suing Craig Wright Over Bitcoin White Paper Claims

Apr 12 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  business copa craig wright square

The Cryptocurrency Open Patent Alliance (COPA) has announced that it is suing Craig Wright over his Bitcoin white paper copyright claims.The Cryptocurrency Open Patent Alliance (COPA) has announced that it has initiated a lawsuit to declare that Craig Wright does not have copyright ownership over the Bitcoin white paper."Today, COPA...

BitOasis to Delist BSV From Platform

Reading Time: 2 minutes Middle East exchange BitOasis will remove BSV from its exchange next week BitOasis, which calls itself the oldest and biggest crypto exchange in the region, gave no reason for the removal BSV has now lost five exchanges in two years...

Mar 04 2021

Was Len Sassaman Satoshi Nakamoto?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Len Sassaman is a name indelibly associated with Bitcoin, and a recent article claims he could be the pseudonymous creator, Satoshi Nakamoto Sassaman was a talented cryptographer who has many links to the core Bitcoin developers Nakamoto’s last...

Feb 26 2021

1Feex Wallet Claim Gets Craig Wright in Hot Water

Reading Time: 3 minutes Craig Wright’s claim that two old Bitcoin wallets of his were hacked last year could have got him into legal trouble A Mt. Gox victim has instructed his lawyers to write to Wright’s lawyers to inform them that the rightful owners of one wallet, called the...

Feb 25 2021

Craig Wright Threatens Developers Over ‘Hacked’ Wallets

Reading Time: 3 minutes Craig Wright has continued his game of lawsuit roulette with another round of legal demands Wright’s lawyers have demanded that Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin SV developers work to return ₿110,000 allegedly stolen in...

Feb 19 2021

OKCoin Will Delist BCH and BSV to Support the Bitcoin Ecosystem

Quick take: OKCoin will delist Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin SV (BSV) on March 1st, 2021 The move is aimed at supporting the Bitcoin ecosystem and protecting new investors OKCoin CEO further explained that misinformation war by Craig Wright is another reason behind delisting BSV The crypto exchange of OKCoin will delist Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin SV (BSV) effective March 1st, 2021....

Feb 17 2021

Wright vs McCormack Trial Begins

Reading Time: 2 minutes The long-awaited Wright vs McCormack trial began yesterday over video link Craig Wright sued Peter McCormack in April 2019 when McCormack called Wright a fraud The case is to judge whether McCormack’s comments hurt Wright’s reputation in the UK...

Feb 08 2021

COPA Demands Wright Provide Satoshi Evidence

Feb 08 2021 Published at FullyCrypto under tags  bitcoin bitcoin news craig wright

Reading Time: 2 minutes COPA has asked Craig Wright nine questions regarding his claim to be Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto The newly formed Cryptocurrency Open Patent Alliance has been co-founded by Square, who Wright has threatened to sue after they reposted the whitepaper...

Feb 05 2021

Jan 28 2021

Australian Crypto Exchange to Delist BSV Over ‘Bullying’ Threat to Bitcoin Developers

The exchange's CEO said "Recent talk of legal action against developers working to improve the Bitcoin ecosystem proved to be the final straw."

Jan 25 2021

Craig “Punishment of God” Wright Threatens Armageddon

Jan 25 2021 Published at FullyCrypto under tags  bitcoin bitcoin news craig wright

Reading Time: 2 minutes Craig Wright has warned those who refuse to bow to his demands to call BSV Bitcoin will experience “nuclear armageddon” In a series of unhinged posts, Wright called himself the “punishment of God in cryptocurrency” Wright has demanded that...

Jan 22 2021

Bitcoin Developers Weigh the Costs of Defying White Paper Copyright Claim

Should anyone in an open source community have to bear the legal brunt of a seemingly senseless lawsuit?

Bitcoin Whitepaper Reposted After Wright Attempts Power Grab

Jan 22 2021 Published at FullyCrypto under tags  bitcoin bitcoin news craig wright

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Bitcoin whitepaper has been reposted by Bitcoin supporters after Craig Wright tried to get it taken down from Bitcoin.org and Bitcoincore.org Wright’s lawyers ordered the paper to be taken down claiming copyright infringement, despite no copyright...

Jan 21 2021

Why Everyone From Square to Facebook Is Now Hosting the Bitcoin White Paper

The uploads come in response to legal threats by Craig Wright.

Craig Wright Bullies Two Websites to Take Down Bitcoin Whitepaper, Bitcoin.org Refuses

Craig Wright, the self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator is now threatening to take two websites bitcoin.org and bitcoincore.org to court for copyright infringement if they didn't remove the bitcoin white paper from their platforms. Wright is infamous for threatening lawsuits against people and company's who have called him out for his absurd lies and in most cases The post Craig Wright Bullies Two Websites to...

Bitcoin.org Rebuts Craig Wright’s ‘Meritless’ Copyright Claim on Bitcoin White Paper

The open-source project said it would not comply with Wright's demand to take down its copy of the iconic founding document.

Jan 18 2021

Hodlonaut Decries “Moral Bankruptcy” of Wright and Ayre

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hodlonaut has decried the attitude of Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre in his legal case against Wright Hodlonaut has criticized their attempts to unmask him and bully him into dropping the case The UK High Court allegedly rejected Wright’s filing in...

Dec 28 2020

Crypto in 2020: a Year in Review (Part 1)

Reading Time: 4 minutes2020 has been a year like no other. Coronavirus has of course dominated the headlines and all our lives, but the crypto world has endured an equally tumultuous 12 months. Bitcoin has hit all time highs just nine months after crashing 51% in March, while Ethereum 2.0 has...

Dec 23 2020

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