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Jul 02 2022

Comparing the Top 5 Decentralized Storage Projects

Today, the need for a good decentralized storage project has never been stronger. Such a project needs to ensure that our data is safe and immutable. To add on, online file storage places heavy loads on blockchains. Hence, a good storage blockchain needs to have the technology to handle such loads. With this, we look at the many projects tackling this problem, and...

Jun 25 2022

A Review on Crust Network

Jun 25 2022 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  crust network reviews storage service

Storage decentralization, value decentralization, and computing decentralization are the three core elements of the decentralized technology (Blockchain) ecosystem. Interestingly, Blockchain technology is known for providing top-notch and working solutions for the trustless (Value decentralization). The technology has, however, not been as successful with storage and computing decentralization. Most storage and computing activities currently...

Jun 06 2022

Storage blockchain Crust Network to launch External Adapter on Chainlink

Crust Network, a decentralized storage protocol based on IPFS that delivers file storage and hosting, today announced that it is launching an External Adapter on the Chainlink Network, the foremost decentralized oracle solution. Through Chainlink, smart contract...

May 31 2021

Top Polkadot Updates| May Week 4

Polkadot (DOT) witnessed a major correction in the last 14 days as it hit a low of $13.61 last week, reflecting a fall of 53%. Despite the ongoing bear market, the project reported a jump in weekly crypto inflows. On the more positive side, Polkadot-powered projects continue to make headlines with new updates and partnerships. Let's see what has happened in...

Mar 09 2021

Cross-chain Polkadot bridge Darwinia collaborates with decentralized storage network Crust

CryptoNinjas ยป Cross-chain Polkadot bridge Darwinia collaborates with decentralized storage network Crust Darwinia...

Jan 28 2021

Crust Network Partners With Moonbeam To Promote Decentralized Storage

Crust Network recently announced its partnership with Moonbeam, a Polkadot- based and Ethereum-compatible smart contract parachain. With its Ethereum compatibility, Moonbeam eases the development of natively interoperable applications. Crust Network, however, leverages on incentive layer protocol to implement decentralized storage....

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