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Nov 16 2022

Luxury Hotel In Dubai Enrolls Payments In Shiba Inu Coin

Although higher market volatility has changed the investors' sentiment, it didn't stop the global crypto-centric developments. For example, Dubai, which showed keen interest in cryptocurrency and web 3 technology, is again on the news cycle for being a rapidly growing crypto hub. In its latest developments, one of the UAE's high-rated luxury hotels has enrolled cryptocurrency payments and allows visitors to reserve hotel...

Nov 15 2022

World’s Top 10 Countries That Are Leading In Crypto Adoption

Adoption or acceptance of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets is very important in order to enable their many use cases. When it comes to determining which countries are leading in the race for...

Nov 03 2022

Who accepts Bitcoin as payment? Trending List of 10+ Digital Companies

Nov 03 2022 Published at Coingape under tags  bitcoin blog crypto crypto adoption payment

Who accepts Bitcoin as payment? The adoption of cryptocurrencies is growing day by day. And Bitcoin is the frontrunner in the adoption race. With every passing year, more and more businesses are accepting Bitcoin. Let's take a look at some of the biggest companies that are accepting Bitcoin as payment. List... Read more

Oct 14 2022

Top 10 Cryptocurrencies At Risk From G20 Summit 2022 Regulation

Oct 14 2022 Published at Coingape under tags  crypto adoption crypto regulation news

The idea of regulating cryptocurrencies goes against the very nature of digital assets. The blockchain technology is rooted in its integral characteristic of being decentralized. However, growing incidents of misdoings, scams and hacks are making it hard for crypto to not be regulated. Meanwhile, several countries and international groups have... Read more

Oct 06 2022

McDonald Set To Accept Payments In Tether And Bitcoin In Lugana, Switzerland

The American multinational fast food chain McDonald's has started accepting payments in Bitcoin and Tether in Switzerland's city of Lugana, populated by around 63,000 people. The announcement comes in a tweet by Bitcoin magazine on October 3. And it posted a video in which a customer ordered food using McDonald's kiosk and paid for it using a...

Sep 30 2022

Love Crypto? Then Don’t Move To These 10 Countries

Crypto has been seeing an unprecedented adoption rate in recent times, but not every part of the country has been welcoming to this industry. A lot of governments have been resistant to the adoption of crypto, even when residents have expressed wanting to be a part of it. So for all of the crypto lovers out there, while you look at the best...

Sep 28 2022

Stan Druckenmiller Says Advantage Crypto, Come Recession Next Year

Sep 28 2022 Published at Coingape under tags  crypto adoption hedge fund news

American investor Stan Druckenmiller is confident of a recession happening in 2023. He expects a recession next year followed by markets that may stagnate for a decade thereafter. Meanwhile, Stan Druckenmiller predicted a bright spot for crypto if central banks continue to lose trust, amid a bear market atmosphere. His... Read more

Sep 22 2022

Report Shows NFTs Lead Central And South Asia’s Crypto Adoption

Crypto adoption has grown significantly in the last two years. It is one of the fastest-growing trends ever experienced in the market, which is expected to continue over time. A look into the growth trend shows some unlikely drivers of this adoption. The NFT space is one that also grew into prominence in the last year, and according to the data, NFTs have...

Sep 15 2022

Data Shows Middle Income Countries Driving Worldwide Crypto Adoption

Crypto adoption across the world has been accelerated in the last couple of years due to the multiple bull rallies. With the recent bear market, there has been a decline in the adoption rate, and it has leveled out in the last couple of months. However, there are some parts of the world where the adoption rate continues to wax strong. A recent...

Sep 13 2022

Fireblocks Sees Over $100 Million In Revenue From Subscriptions

Although the crypto market is suffering a long-lasted downtrend and investors reflect negative sentiments, crypto adoption seems to be growing on another verge. Fireblocks, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company currently operating over 1300 crypto and web 3 businesses, has hit a new high in revenue, indicating crypto use cases continue attracting more businesses worldwide. Related Reading:...

Aug 30 2022

Argentina Wine Producer Mendoza Province Adopts Crypto Payments To Receive Taxes

Although the crypto market has been facing tough times with Fed adding fuel to the fire with its hawkish approach to the industry, some countries have shown an incredible interest in digital assets simultaneously. The fifth most populous territory of Argentina, Mendoza, known for its production of wine, now accepts crypto payments to receive provincial taxes. Related Reading:...

Aug 24 2022

Binance Discusses Crypto Regulations With Financial Watchdogs In The Philippines

Summary: Leading crypto exchange Binance was present during a senate hearing in the Philippines. The crypto exchange also supposedly targeted a VASP license in the Philippines back in June. Crypto regulations and decentralized finance were among the chief topics during the session. Top regulators like Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and the Security Exchange Commission were in attendance. Private stakeholders like FinTech Alliance Philippines...

Aug 17 2022

Crypto.Com Emerges As The 37th Firm To Bag A Crypto License From The U.K. FCA

Summary: Britain's top financial regulator has approved Crypto.com as a registered crypto business. The FCA's regulatory green light allows the crypto exchange to offer digital asset services in the U.K. under domestic financial laws. Authorities previously announced intentions to position the U.K. as a cryptocurrency hub. CEO Kris Marszalek said the company plans to support such plans with its latest crypto license. The...

Aug 12 2022

This Brazilian Fintech Is Bringing Crypto Trading To 30 million People

Crypto services are spreading worldwide. Most of the growth in this regard has been mostly in the West, but more countries and companies are beginning to follow suit. The latest of this is a Brazilian fintech that is starting to offer crypto services in the country. Picpay’s latest innovation that features the space is seeing it bring crypto trading to millions of users...

Aug 05 2022

Binance Boss Talks Crypto Adoption And Regulation With President of Central African Republic

CZ talks about crypto adoption with the president of the Central African Republic after the nation adopted Bitcoin (BTC).

Jul 27 2022

Binance CEO And Turkish Finance Minister Discuss Crypto And Blockchain Tech

Summary: Binance boss Changpeng Zhao met virtually with Dr. Nureddin Nebati, the Finance Minister of Turkey. The pair held discussions on cryptocurrency and the blockchain ecosystem. Reports said that Turkey could soon regularize its crypto scene with dedicated laws and policies. Turkey is also a major source of traffic for Binance. Zhao has met with several world leaders and government officials in a...

Jul 11 2022

Crypto Adoption Rate In Kenya Highest In Africa – Here’s Why

The rate of digital currency adoption in Kenya is unlike any other country in Africa. The United Nations reports that Kenya has the highest proportion of its people holding cryptocurrencies in Africa, highlighting the country's exposure to the unfolding digital currency market crash. According to a research done by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), around 4.25 million Kenyans, or...

Jul 06 2022

Jun 19 2022

Alameda Research lends Voyager Digital 200M USDC and 15k Bitcoin to Safeguard Customer Assets During the Bear Market

Key takeaways: Sam Bankman-Fried's Alameda Research has lent Voyager digital 200 million USDC and 15k Bitcoin. The digital assets are meant to safeguard Voyager Digital's customers' assets during the current crypto market volatility. The term sheet between Alameda Research and Voyager Digital provides a revolving term of credit facilities expiring December 2024 with an annual interest rate of 5%. The ongoing crypto drawdown...

Jun 16 2022

75% Retailers In U.S. Adding Crypto In Two Years, Says Deloitte

Although crypto market's current situation looks very scary, digital assets have continuously expanded their reach since its initiation. Likewise, the U.S. also recorded a significant crypto adoption over the last year and will continue to adopt blockchain technology in the future too. A survey conducted by a professional firm, Deloitte, in partnership with the giant payment method PayPal, has...

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