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May 16 2022

Why Do Crypto Crash? Here Are Some Important Reasons

Cryptocurrencies are not strange to uncertainties, as price volatility remains a curse and a blessing to the thriving space. Digital asset prices continue to remain unstable for a period as fluctuations hit them hard. This uncertainty is also why the adoption of cryptocurrencies in financially sensitive regions remains slow. Investors within this region are more economically prudent and prefer to invest in traditional...

Feb 24 2022

Ukraine War Began and Crypto Crash -11%! Bitcoin/Ethereum Analysis

Doomsday is officially here for Eastern Europe. This bad news surely resonated with the entire world. Russia entered Ukraninan borders after acknowledging two independent states in Ukraine. In turn, Russia decided to hold "military operations" and troops flooded inside the Ukrainian borders. How did the crypto...

Jan 22 2022

Top 3 Reasons why Bitcoin Crashed Again in 2022

The Bitcoin price had to accept another downward slide and fell below the $ 40,000 mark. Bitcoin price had previously surged above $43,000 and then suddenly plummeted sharply down to a current price of $ 35,000. What were the reasons for the rapid descent in...

Jan 06 2022

Crypto Crash in 2022! Here’s why Bitcoin and other Altcoins Collapsed

Bitcoin prices collapsed massively last night. The overall cryptocurrency market fell by more than 7% in the past 24 hours. Bitcoin prices reached a low of USD 43,000, while other altcoins breached their support levels. Did we officially enter a...

Jan 01 2022

Crypto 2022 – How did Prices Behave on the First day? Here’s a Quick Recap

On the 31st of December 2021, the crypto market saw a slight continuation of the previous decline. Prices seemed to have edged lower while people were busy celebrating the last day of 2021. Enter 2022! Not only does the day coincides with a Saturday, but people can also still be hungover from the previous night. How did the crypto market behave on the...

Apr 23 2021

Why is the Crypto Market Down? The Answer will SHOCK you!

As the crypto selloff is happening since last week, crypto investors were all shocked by major news coming straight from the US. The entire cryptocurrency market fell more than 12%, and the market capitalization fell below the USD 2 trillion marks. The first sell-off was related to a normal price adjustment, as the crypto market went way high for an extended...

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