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Apr 18 2022

$240 Million In Crypto Futures Liquidates As Bitcoin Slips Below $39k

Apr 18 2022 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  bitcoin bitcoin futures btc btcusd crypto

Data shows $240 million in crypto futures has been liquidated over the past day as Bitcoin has slipped below the $39k level. Crypto Futures Market Observes Almost $240 Million In Liquidations Over Last 24 Hours Today, the prices of Bitcoin and other coins have suffered another hit, and the result has been a large amount of liquidations in the futures market. As you...

Apr 11 2022

Crypto Futures Observe $323M In Liquidations As Bitcoin Plunges To $41k

As the Bitcoin price crashes to $41k today, the crypto futures market has observed more than $323 million in liquidations over the past 24 hours. More Than $323 Million In Crypto Futures Liquidate Over The Past Day In case anyone isn't aware of what futures "liquidations" are, it's best to take a brief look at the workings of...

Mar 28 2022

$450 Million In Crypto Futures Liquidates As Market Surges

Data shows $450 million in crypto futures has liquidated over the last 24 hours as Bitcoin has broken past $47k and the overall market has observed a surge. $450 Million In Crypto Futures Liquidates, 75% Of Which Involves Shorts Yesterday, Bitcoin and the wider market started on a sharp uptrend, taking the total market cap to around $2.13 trillion today, an increase of...

Jul 21 2021

Bank Of America Endorses Crypto Trading For Clients

A CoinDesk report revealed that Bank of America had reportedly started offering crypto trading to some select customers. The report stated that Bank of America’s prime brokerage unit had begun the clearing and settlement of crypto exchange-traded products (ETPs)....

Feb 11 2021

Trade Record-Breaking Crypto Futures On The Fastest Exchange

Feb 11 2021 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  bitcoin crypto futures industry phemex

2021 has already been an explosive year for cryptocurrencies, and it is only just the beginning. Bitcoin’s unstoppable rally has spilled into altcoins like Ethereum, and it has resulted in prices and open interest of both reaching new all-time highs early in the new year. The trend and momentum look to continue further, making this year potentially the most profitable for crypto...

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