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Apr 28 2022

Study Shows UK Investors Prefer Shiba Inu Over Dogecoin

The rise of meme coins such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu has been nothing short of phenomenal. These two digital assets have redefined what is required for a cryptocurrency to be successful in the market. However, this has not stifled the rivalry between the two in any way. Shiba Inu, a self-styled ‘Doge Killer’ continues to put up a valiant fight in...

Apr 04 2022

The Year Of Crypto? Almost 50% Of Investors Got Started In 2021

2021 was no doubt one of the most bullish years for crypto. Not only did the prices of cryptocurrencies surge tremendously during this time but there were many new entrants into the market both on an individual level and an institutional level. All of this contributed to getting the market to hit its highest market cap ever at above $3 trillion. However, looking...

Feb 22 2022

Airdrop VS Giveaway : What Is The Difference ?

What Is The Difference Between An Airdrop And A Giveaway? The crypto ecosystem is always brimming with offers, promotions and rewards by some organization or the other. Of all the offer and promotion categories, airdrops and giveaways enjoy pride of place because they are very intrinsically linked to the crypto space. They...

Jan 05 2022

Dec 29 2021

Expected Potential Investments in the Cryptocurrency Market for 2022

The Cryptocurrency market has opened the gate of opportunities for all. People worldwide have...

Nov 22 2021

Small Crypto Investors Suffer As Hackers Increasingly Target Phone Numbers

Hackers, for the most part, usually target institutional crypto investors and exchanges. But since the adoption of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin became more mainstream, these hackers started targeting small individual investors. Related Reading | Hackers Are Now Trying To Steal Crypto Via Malicious NFTs...

Sep 15 2021

Solana (SOL) Dominates Digital Assets Market, Accounts For 87% Of Weekly Investment Inflows

Solana (SOL) has dominated the market recently in terms of price and adoption. The better part of a month has seen Solana claim multiple positions in the top 10 cryptos by market cap. The altcoin has done tremendously well in terms of price. Shaking off every crash with ease. Then going on to set multiple all- time highs in the space of a week....

Sep 04 2021

Survey Shows 1 In 10 U.S. Investors Own Crypto Despite Seeing It As A Risky Asset

Crypto investment is fast becoming front and center when it comes to investing in the United States. Data has shown that the number of bitcoin investors has tripled in the last three years alone. This has mostly been sparked by the bull markets that have been experienced. A recent survey has shown the...

Aug 04 2021

Survey Shows The Most Common Mistakes That Crypto Investors Make

Crypto continues to wax strong as more investors come into the market. Like with any investing, crypto investing comes with its own unique problems. And investors are wont to make mistakes where there is money involved. A recent survey on CryptoVantage has shown the most common mistakes made by investors in the...

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