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Jan 31 2023

[Updated] Top CPUs for Mining Cryptocurrency in 2023

Jan 31 2023 Published at Coindoo under tags  crypto guides & tutorials crypto mining

Over the years, the crypto arena has been growing extensively, and most people are gradually venturing deeper into the industry. However, many crypto enthusiasts have no idea that major cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Monero, are mined through a proof-of-work algorithm or a variation of it. As for the mining process, it is usually very extensive, requiring the use of heavy CPU...

Jan 30 2023

BlockFi Gets The Nod To Accept Bids For Crypto Mining Business

BlockFi has received the bankruptcy court's approval to set up the auction for its crypto mining business. The bidding process will conclude by 20 February and all deals will be subject to approval from the court.

BlockFi gets approval to launch auction for Crypto mining company

Jan 30 2023 Published at Coinscreed under tags  blockfi crypto mining news

BlockFi Inc. was granted permission by the bankruptcy court to hold an auction for the cryptocurrency lender's mining operation. During a Monday morning video court hearing, BlockFi attorney Francis Petrie stated that the company intends to submit bids as soon as possible to benefit from the current market circumstances. Petrie informed US Bankruptcy Judge Michael […] The post...

Jan 27 2023

Argo Blockchain faces class action lawsuit for misleading investors

Argo Blockchain investors have filed a class action lawsuit, claiming that the miner misled investors and omitted important details during its 2021 initial public offering (IPO). On January 26, a brand-new complaint was launched against Argo and a number of its executives and board members. It asserts that the company concealed its vulnerability to cash […] The post...

Jan 25 2023

Nuclear-Powered Bitcoin Mining Center To Open in the US in 2023

In Pennsylvania, the first nuclear mining center in the United States has been finally completed. A 48-megawatt nuclear-powered bitcoin mining center is set to open on a massive 1,200-acre campus in the United States. The 300,000-square-foot facility is set to revolutionize the way bitcoin is mined, as it harnesses the power of nuclear...

Jan 18 2023

SEC Discloses Private Info Of Crypto Miners During Inquiry

The U.S. Securities and Exchanges Commission SEC accidentally disclosed the private information of crypto miners from the blockchain company Green. In a recent report, the agency leaked the contact details like names and email addresses of several cryptocurrency miners working with the Green blockchain company. SEC Admits Its Mistake in Recent Reveal On January 17th, the Washington Examiner...

Jan 17 2023

What Is Ethereum Staking, How Does It Work? Pros and Cons of Ethereum Staking

September 2022 marked the arrival of the Ethereum merge, the long-awaited upgrade of the Ethereum (ETH) network from proof-of-work to a...

Jan 12 2023

BTC Miner Northern Data Increases its Crypto Production by 315% in 2022

Northern Data (XETR:NB2), a publicly-listed provider of High-Performance Computing (HPC) solutions from Germany, has published its mining division Bitcoin (BTC) production numbers for December and 2022. Additionally, the company forecasted an annual revenue in the...

Jan 11 2023

Argo Blockchain Reports 35% Lower Bitcoin Production in December

Argo Blockchain (NASDAQ:ARBK), a publicly-listed crypto mining company, published its December 2022 operational update on Wednesday,...

Jan 10 2023

Bankrupt Core Scientific Reports Higher Bitcoin Production

Core Scientific, a publicly-listed crypto mining company, was able to increase its Bitcoin (BTC) production in December 2022,...

Dec 16 2022

Microsoft Bans Crypto Mining From Online Services

Technology giant Microsoft has banned cryptocurrency mining on its online services without written pre-approval. According to a Thursday report from The Register...

[Updated] How Long Does It Take to Mine 1 Bitcoin Depending on Your Device?

Dec 16 2022 Published at Coindoo under tags  crypto mining

Despite the latest rallies in recent years of Bitcoin, we can see that the broader market has taken a beating in 2022. Over the past few months, since the price of Bitcoin continued to seesaw between bullish and bearish candlestick patterns, today we can see the bigger picture and realize the bearish trend. And yet, even in this situation, one question still resonates...

Dec 15 2022

Just-In: Microsoft Bans Crypto Mining From Its Servers

Microsoft has modified its policy terms to make it clear that mining cryptocurrencies on its online services are not permitted...

Nov 28 2022

What is Proof-of-Work? Why is PoW the Foundation of Crypto?

Nov 28 2022 Published at Coindoo under tags  crypto mining

Proof-of-work is a blockchain consensus mechanism used to confirm and record cryptocurrency transactions. It requires network participants to use computational power to solve complex cryptographic puzzles as fast as possible, rewarding only the first participant to succeed. Every cryptocurrency has a blockchain, a public ledger comprised of transaction blocks. Each block of transactions in a proof-of-work cryptocurrency has a unique hash. To...

Nov 23 2022

New York’s Democratic Gov Puts Ban on Cryptocurrency Mining

The post New York's Democratic Gov Puts Ban on Cryptocurrency Mining appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News On Tuesday, Kathy Hochul, the governor of New York, signed legislation outlawing some bitcoin mining businesses that use carbon-based energy sources. A proof-of-work...

Nov 22 2022

Bitcoin Bloodbath: Miners Start Selling Most Aggressively In The Last 7 Years

The recent crash in the price of bitcoin has distressed bitcoin miners. They are compelled to sell in order to cover their expenses. In the past three weeks,...

Nov 17 2022

Bitfarms Deepens 2022 Loss Despite More Bitcoins Mined

Bitfarms (NASDAQ:BITF), a cryptocurrency mining company, recently reported its financials for the three months that ended 30 September 2022. Despite higher

Nov 14 2022

Canaan Feels the Bitcoin Blues. Net Income Down 90%

Canaan Inc. (NASDAQ:CAN), a cryptocurrency mining hardware manufacturer, reported its quarterly numbers on Monday. During the three-month period that ended on 30 September 2022, the computing solutions provider achieved a revenue of $137.5 million, representing a decrease compared to the last quarter and the same period a year earlier.


Nov 11 2022

Let’s Debunk Mobile Crypto Mining

Nov 11 2022 Published at Coindoo under tags  crypto mining

Cryptocurrency mining may seem attractive to those looking to get some of that magical internet money. But as ASIC took over the proof of work mining, while staking kept getting more expensive, people started to look towards mobile crypto mining. Sure, mobile mining does sound attractive, considering you only have to use your mobile device for it. And as mobile devices started being...

Nov 07 2022

The Beginner’s Guide to Cryptocurrency Mining

Nov 07 2022 Published at Coindoo under tags  crypto mining

Blockchain is significantly changing the world we live in, and the crypto market comes with opportunities the world has never seen before. Therefore, we can’t help but wonder how to mine cryptocurrency. There’s a lot to learn about cryptocurrencies, starting with their history, how they work, their potential impact on our society’s future, and many more. But today, we’ll talk about one of...

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