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Jan 20 2021

ECB, European Commission Will Decide on Digital Euro by Mid-2021

An ECB-backed digital currency would revamp the traditional banking system.

Jan 10 2021

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) Proposes New Crypto Regulations

Cryptocurrency usage in Singapore is on the rise. Hence, the need for better crypto regulations to guide crypto activities in the country. In line with this, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has proposed several new crypto regulations. According to...

Jan 07 2021

40 Crypto Firms Apply for Austrian License, 18 Get Tick of Approval

The majority of digital-asset providers that were applied for a license operate crypto wallets and exchange platforms.

Dec 19 2020

Newly Proposed Crypto Regulations “Unlikely” To Hamper Coming Bull Run

For the last few weeks, the blockchain community had been waiting for the new regulations that were rumored to be proposed imminently. There were widespread speculations about their nature and effect on blockchain's future. A lot of worse case ideas were being heard, including those hinting at an end to private custody or sort of a blanket wallet ban. They were finally proposed...

Dec 18 2020

Crypto Exchange Bitpanda Secures Regulatory Approval in France

The license allows Bitpanda to offer regulated services under legislation governing digital asset service providers.

Dec 16 2020

Digital Currency Regulation Gets Backing From G7 Finance Officials

The need for the regulation of digital currencies has received backing from the G7 financial officials. These G7 financial officials consist of central bankers and finance ministers from the Group of Seven (G7) advanced economies. The U.S. Treasury Department recently released a statement that shows that the G7 finance officials have strongly supported that digital currencies should be regulated, as...

Dec 11 2020

Russian Officials to Disclose Crypto Holdings Following Putin Order

Failing to disclose data or deliberately providing false information is a criminal offense.

Dec 10 2020

Can Fintech Regulations Be Positive?

Many see regulations as an impediment to innovation and success. This view is pervasive in the decentralized crypto ecosystem. There are those, however, who maintain a different point of view. An article posted by Entrepreneur posits that fintech regulations can be a good thing and bring about innovation in the industry. The article...

Dec 08 2020

Circle CEO Expects Biden Administration to Support Cryptocurrencies

Jeremy Allaire said that he is hopeful from Biden Administration to present a clear crypto regulatory framework.

Dec 07 2020

New Crypto Regulations Are a Major Concern for U.S.-Based Exchanges

The whole crypto ecosystem was built on the foundation of decentralization; to hand over the final control into the hands of the common man. However, as days are passing by, this ecosystem is turning more and more centralized, which defies the purpose of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. In many countries, crypto regulations are a “gray area.” While some countries have defined some regulations for...

Dec 01 2020

South Korea Tax on Crypto Gains Delayed Until 2022

The country’s legislative body said more time is needed to build the relevant tax infrastructure.

Nov 24 2020

Securitize Gets SEC Nod for Broker-Dealer/ATS Acquisition

Securitize will be capable of offering blockchain-based securities and at some point its own secondary marketplace.

Nov 20 2020

German Finance Minister Speaks Out Against ‘Private Cryptocurrencies’

Scholz invited US President-elect Joe Biden to join a Franco-German proposal aimed to tackle crypto risks.

Nov 18 2020

Crypto-Friendly OCC Chief Hints At More Crypto Banks Coming Soon

As the cryptocurrency market marches ahead for the next bull run, the buzz for crypto banks is on the rise. In his recent interview with Forbes, Brian Books, the acting chief of the Office of the Comptroller of the...

Nov 12 2020

Russian Finance Ministry Gets Tough on Cryptocurrencies

The Ministry of Finance has drafted amendments to jail citizens for undeclared cryptocurrencies.

Nov 03 2020

Oct 28 2020

Oct 21 2020

CFTC Issues Advisory Mandating New Rules for Crypto Deposits

The amount of crypto deposits must be commensurate with the customer’s trading volumes, assessed on a quarterly basis.

Oct 19 2020

Latvian Regulator Warns on Growing Crypto Frauds

The country does not regulate the issuance and circulation of cryptocurrencies.

Oct 10 2020

Fundstrat Advisors Back Regulatory Clean-Up In Cryptocurrency Market

Fundstrat Global Advisors has recently released a report backing the recent regulatory action in the crypto market. Fundstrat strategists - David Grider, Ken Xuan, and Tom Lee - wrote that...

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