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Apr 04 2022

The Year Of Crypto? Almost 50% Of Investors Got Started In 2021

2021 was no doubt one of the most bullish years for crypto. Not only did the prices of cryptocurrencies surge tremendously during this time but there were many new entrants into the market both on an individual level and an institutional level. All of this contributed to getting the market to hit its highest market cap ever at above $3 trillion. However, looking...

Mar 02 2022

BlockFi Survey Says 33% Of Women Plans To Buy Crypto This Year

The latest survey from BlockFi shows that women are more interested in cryptocurrencies than ever, with one-third planning on buying digital assets this year. Furthermore, 60% of these women say they will be doing so within the next few months. The current survey depicts double women's interest compared to the exact nature of the study conducted in September 2021,...

Jan 23 2022

Buy The Dip Survey Shows 61% Of Chinese Bitcoin Investors Still Willing To Bet On Bitcoin

Crypto market participants everywhere are watching the market crash with keen guarded interest. In a recent survey conducted among Chinese crypto investors, the majority of them revealed that they would consider buying the dip...

Jan 12 2022

Over half the Banks in Switzerland want to offer Crypto to Clients within the next three years

Cryptocurrencies are beginning to receive a warm reception among Swiss banking institutions. According to a survey, more than half of banks in Switzerland are considering offering crypto investment services to their clients within the next three years. Majority of Swiss banks plan to offer crypto investment products to clients A survey conducted by Swiss firm The post Over half the Banks in Switzerland...

Sep 18 2021

Survey Finds That 1 In 4 U.S. Teens Would Rather Invest In Crypto

A recent survey has found that crypto is growing in popularity amongst young people in the United States. This is in line with the general popularity trends for crypto. Recent surveys and polls have also shown similar findings across respondents. Sentiment towards crypto investing has skewed towards the positive in the past couple of years. Now, a new...

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