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Feb 23 2021

Winning a Bull Market – Three Steps to Easy Riches

Reading Time: 3 minutes There are different approaches you should take to making money in a bull market and a bear market Winning a bear market means frequent trading, selling, and shorting Winning a bull market requires an entirely different philosophy based around...

Feb 02 2021

Don’t Obsess Over Selling The Top

Reading Time: 2 minutes Selling the top is a holy grail for some traders, but it distorts the point of trading Selling the top is more a matter of luck than judgement Good traders don’t aim for the top because they know it increases the odds of a loss Selling...

Jan 04 2021

Bitcoin Crash – Spotting the Signs

Reading Time: 2 minutes Getting out before a crash is the holy grail of trading a Bitcoin market cycle Being able to predict a market top is a combination of fundamental and technical factors Crypto trader Jacob Canfield recently tweeted a selection of technical...

Dec 08 2020

What Does It Take to Be a Cryptocurrency Trader?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Not everyone can be a successful cryptocurrency trader, but plenty are trying all the time There are a number of personal qualities that a successful crypto trader needs We run through what we think are the top three characteristics that you need...

Sep 22 2020

Crypto Trading – Why You Should Always Plan a Trade

Reading Time: 3 minutes One of the mistakes that beginners to the world of crypto trading make is not setting sell points when they enter a trade Setting sells and stop limits reduces a trader’s stress levels and is more likely to guarantee profit and reduce loss when crypto...

Sep 21 2020

Uniswap Moonboys – Don’t Fall for Their 100x Promises

Reading Time: 3 minutes Uniswap moonboys are ten a penny on crypto Twitter now, but many are just charlatans Following others into trades is not necessarily a bad idea, but don't just fall for promises of a 100x There are key things to look out for before you copy...

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