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Apr 10 2021

Bitcoin Breaks Above the $60,000 Psychological Level

Bitcoin (BTC) has recently broken above the $60,000 psychological level. This is the highest point reached by the largest cryptocurrency since March 15 when BTC fell to $53,000 […]

Apr 09 2021

NFT in Digital Art

What the hell is going on with the crypto market? We only managed to calm down from the previous hype with DeFi, and today all the news is full of some kind of NFT. Everybody is talking about Jack Dorsey and Elon Musk selling their tweets (WHAT?!), and digital artists earning more from their works at the Christie's auction than collectors selling Monet's...

What $1.8 Billion in Q1 Revenue Means for Coinbase’s Direct Listing

Apr 09 2021 Published at Unchained Podcast under tags  2021 bitcoin blockchain coin coinbase

Larry Cermak, director of research at The Block, discusses the upcoming Coinbase direct listing in light of the exchange’s recently released Q1 revenue hitting an impressive $1.8 billion. In this episode, Larry talks about: significant takeaways from Coinbase’s Q1 results (1:04)...

Apr 06 2021

Mark Cuban on Why He Thinks ETH Is a Better Store of Value Than Bitcoin

Apr 06 2021 Published at Unchained Podcast under tags  2021 bitcoin blockchain cbdc crypto

Mark Cuban -- billionaire investor, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, and Shark Tank “shark” -- shares his thoughts on the Ethereum vs. BTC debate, issues with DeFi, and how NFTs could change content distribution. Tune in to hear Mark talk about… why ETH is a better store of value than BTC (1:08)...

Best Cryptocurrency Trading Sites

There are dozens of cryptocurrency trading sites all over the world. With the continuous expansion of digital assets, users want to get access to them in easier ways. […]

Apr 05 2021

MicroStrategy Acquires An Additional $15 Million in Bitcoin

Microstrategy announced today that it purchased $15 million worth of Bitcoin. The company’s CEO, Michael Saylor, tweeted this morning that his company had bought approximately 253 BTC, bringing...

Apr 02 2021

Why Proposed FATF Rules Could Be a Shock for DeFi

Dave Jevans, CEO of Cipher Trace, talks about what the new draft guidance from the FATF (Financial Action Task Force) means for DeFi, NFTs, and crypto in general. In this show, he breaks down: the six main areas the draft guidance covers, including the expansion of KYC regulatory standards into DeFi (1:07)...

Mar 30 2021

What Exactly Do You Get When You Buy an NFT? Three Lawyers Discuss

Olta Andoni, fintech and IP Attorney at Zlatkin Wong and adjunct professor at Chicago Kent College of Law, Tonya Evans, visiting Full Professor of Law at Penn State Dickinson Law School and host of the podcast Tech Intersect, and Stuart Levi, co-head of the Intellectual Property and Technology practice at Skadden Arps and coordinator of the firm's Blockchain and Digital Asset practice, break...

Mar 28 2021

Indonesian Government Wants to Launch its Own Crypto Exchange

The Indonesian government is planning to launch a state-backed cryptocurrency exchange. The information was announced on March 25, 2021, and it would make it easier for people to […]

Mar 27 2021

Top 3 Ways To Buy Bitcoin Everywhere Around the World

As cryptocurrencies continue expanding all over the world, it is necessary to have a clear guide on how to buy Bitcoin. BTC has reached massively high levels in […]

Mar 26 2021

Why Miami Mayor Francis Suarez Calls Crypto ‘the Wave of the Future’

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez talks about how Miami plans to be the crypto capital of the world. In this show, he discusses: what Miami is doing to become the crypto capital of the world (1:40) why he feels so strongly about bringing crypto to...

Mar 22 2021

Bitcoin Continues to Trade Sideways as Q1 Draws to a Close

Bitcoin's price has stayed fairly consistent over the past several weeks. What's next for BTC?

Bitcoin ETF Filings Continue: SkyBridge Capital Applies with the SEC

Morgan Stanley, WisdomTree, VanEck and Valkyrie Digital Assets have all applied to launch Bitcoin ETFs this year.

Mar 19 2021

3 Publicly Traded Crypto Exchanges?

PLUS: More takes on “WTF is an NFT?” There is something fitting about Bitcoin crossing $60k for the first time on March 13, 2021, a year and one day after crypto’s “Black Thursday,” when Bitcoin’s price plunged 50% over two days in response to the coronavirus. While devastating at the time, you can now barely see it on the BTC price chart:...

MetaKovan on Why He Spent $69 Million on a Jpeg

MetaKovan, the pseudonymous buyer of Beeple’s Everydays NFT and founder of MetaPurse, talks about his recent $69 million purchase. In this episode, he discusses: why he bought Everydays: The First 5000 Days for $69 million (1:57) Beeple’s...

Mar 13 2021

Binance Releases the Alpha Version of its Merchant Program Binance Pay

The popular and recognized cryptocurrency exchange Binance has announced that they are rolling out the alpha version of their new payment and merchant program called Binance Pay. Announced […]

Mar 11 2021

Crypto Mass Adoption: What Are the Key Milestones?

Some years ago, if you had spoken about bitcoin or cryptocurrencies, almost nobody would have understood what you were talking about. After the 2017 bubble, when the price of bitcoin has majestically flown in a temporary parabolic step dance to the all-time highs, similar to a swallow hovering free in the sky on a warm spring day, at least now, the majority...

Mar 09 2021

The Crypto Market and The Internet Bubble: A Reconnaissance

The revolutionary technologies squiring the past centuries have led to the massive replacement of one set of technology(ies) after another, by either outright substitution or modernization of existing processes and methodologies. The accompanying habit (as well as culture–) breaking hurricane of deeply entrenched orthodoxies in economies have precipitated explosive phenomenon in the financial markets. Similarly, in a bid to expand the new technology...

222-Year-Old German Private Bank to Offer Crypto Services ‘Soon’

The bank has plans to integrate many blockchain-based services into its offerings.

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