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Sep 17 2022

Ethereum Classic’s Hashrate Surged By 280% Following Merge

As per the stats of Thursday, Ethereum Classic's hashrate, a measure to calculate the total power being used for mining, has skyrocketed by 280% in a day following the Ethereum merge. ETC's terahash per second (Th/s) boomed from 64 Th/s to 183 Th/s as per the industry estimates. This indicator points out that miners who closed their shop on the ETH network have...

Mar 21 2022

Crypto Miners To Pay Flat 30% Tax: Indian Govt

After imposing a 30% tax on Cryptocurrency earnings, the Indian government dropped another shocker for the investors. Answering the queries, the Ministry of Finance clarified that loss incurred from trading in one type of crypto token cannot be set off from the profit of another coin. Ministry also elucidates cost of building mining infrastructure won’t...

Mar 14 2022

Iran Softens its Stance on Crypto Mining, Will Issue Licenses to Mining Farms That Use Renewable Energy Sources

At the tail end of 2021, the Islamic Republic of Iran banned cryptocurrency mining due to high energy consumption associated with the process of securing blockchain networks and minting new coins. The decision was in large part reached due to a series of electricity blackouts the Middle Eastern country suffered throughout the year.

Mar 08 2022

Bitcoin Mining Firm Hive Blockchain to Purchase Intel’s ‘Bonanza Mine’ ASICs

A Vancouver-based Bitcoin mining company, Hive Blockchain, has announced it will be acquiring Intel’s recently unveiled cryptocurrency mining hardware and expanding beyond Canadian borders with a rented Texas-based mining facility.

Feb 25 2022

Russian Restrictive Policy Limits Licensed Platforms Transactions

Russian Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance's adverse opinions lead to a restrictive policy instead of banning the use of cryptocurrencies. Per the Coindesk, the Ministry of Finance purposes a bill that limits...

Feb 15 2022

TomiEx: What is Cryptocurrency Mining?

Mining is hard work. In real life it is costly and it is reminiscent of gold rush as many people are looking for digital coins to mine with less efforts to earn billions. But unlike the gold rush in the 19th century, nobody can really distinguish the real treasure from the fake one. And what seems to be a treasure at first glance...

Feb 08 2022

Crypto Tax: Kazakhstan Recommends Tax On Cryptocurrency Miners

Kazakhstan's national grid operator has begun restricting energy to the...

Oct 09 2021

China Plans To Add Crypto Mining To Negative List Of Industries To Invest In

China has once again reinforced its position on cryptocurrencies. Even though crypto mining is illegal in the country, some have chosen to operate illegally. To this effect, China has added crypto-mining to the ‘negative list’ of industries. This latest effort means that investors can no longer invest in the crypto mining sector. A document released by two National Authorities...

Aug 30 2021

Russian Law Enforcement Imprisons A Man For 3 Years For Stealing Cryptocurrency Mining Equipment

According to a recent report, a 34 old Russian man stole a cryptocurrency mining rig but didn’t know. As a result, the Zavolzhsky district authorities in Russian convicted the man for the theft of his friend’s crypto mining equipment valued at 1.6 M rubles ($22,000). A Brief About the Cryptocurrency Mining Theft As stated by the Yaroslavl Region Prosecutor’s Office...

Jun 21 2021

Is Cryptocurrency Mining Legal?

With the expansion of cryptocurrencies and mining activities, new investors want to enter the market. Nevertheless, we have heard this question many times from new investors: is cryptocurrency […]

Jan 15 2021

Which is the Easiest Cryptocurrency to Mine?

It is not an easy task to find the easiest cryptocurrency to mine. If you want to mine Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH), you will need to use […]

Sep 17 2020

Improving the Cryptocurrency Mining Space One Innovation at a Time

Aberdeen, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, September 10, 2020. – The act of mining cryptocurrencies is about 12 years now. The first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was mined for the first time in January 2009. Back then, the process was democratic. The person or group of people that wrote the Bitcoin code (Satoshi Nakamoto) envisioned a process that […] The post...

Jul 31 2019

Samsung Expects Growth from Crypto Mining Chips For Next Half 2019

Jul 31 2019 Published at Coingape under tags  altcoin news cryptocurrency mining samsung

On July 31, 2019, Samsung Electronics reveals the result of Second Quarter which sees profit plummeting but the demand for crypto mining chips increasing. According to the Q2 report, Samsung reported an operating profit of KRW 6.6 trillion (approx. $5.57 billion US Dollar) on sales of KRW 56.13 trillion. The company has reportedly experienced a The post Samsung Expects Growth from Crypto Mining...

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