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Apr 25 2022

Did The Central African Republic Adopt Bitcoin As Legal Tender? Here’s The 411

As it turns out, the Central African Republic did not adopt bitcoin as legal tender. Yesterday, a Forbes Monaco article took the bitcoin world by storm. It said an African country had followed El Salvador’s footsteps and...

Sep 04 2021

South Africa Regulator Warns Against Crypto Exchange Binance

Cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, has been taking heat from national regulators this year. Just two days ago, the Monetary Authority of Singapore added Binance to the investor alert list. This action was a result of the exchange's breach of the Payments Services Act in Singapore. Related Reading |...

Feb 14 2021

Crypto Long & Short: What Does Dogecoin Have to Do With Government Bans?

The combined forces of passionate communities with potent tools, and the deepening involvement of institutions, make successful bans less likely.

Jan 10 2021

Crypto Long & Short: Traditional and Crypto Markets are Starting to Converge

The latest OCC statement, which opens the door for banks to use blockchains to validate payments, hints at more than just better services.

Dec 07 2020

Biden Administration Will ‘Ultimately Be Supportive’ of Crypto: Circle CEO

Oon CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’ on Monday, Allaire spoke about the regulatory attitudes toward stablecoins and how the incoming administration may treat crypto.

Aug 02 2019

Indian Income Tax Authorities Issues Tax Notices to Crypto Traders

An independent blockchain group from India, IndiaBits, recently published official documents issued by Indian Income Tax Authorities. These documents are tax notices being sent to crypto investors and traders across the country. Indian IT Department Sends Notices to Crypto Traders/Investors Despite the recent draft of the cryptocurrency regulation bill, India’s regulatory stance on cryptocurrency is The post Indian Income Tax Authorities Issues Tax...

FATF Dives In Head-First Into Crypto, Aims To Break the Privacy of Cryptocurrency

The Financial Action Task Force might be aiming to go all-in into the crypto space with the ultimate aim of achieving the impossible - eliminating anonymity from Bitcoin transactions. It has also devised a plan for this goal. In what could be described as a synergistic performance, within the last year, financial regulators around the The post FATF Dives In Head-First Into Crypto,...

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