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Sep 23 2022

South Korean Authorities Seized $184 Million In Crypto Against Unpaid Taxes

Despite the South Korean Government's deep interest in metaverse and web 3 technology, the country implements aggressive policies when it comes to regulations and taxation. As reported by local news outlet Yonhap News on Thursday, the South Korean Tax Authority has seized 260 billion won ($184.3 million) in crypto belonging to tax evaders. However,...

Oct 27 2021

Crypto Traders: Calculate Taxes on cryptocurrency Gains To Avoid Costly Tax Mistake

One of the most significant barriers whilst trading in cryptocurrencies is assessing taxes around cryptocurrency investments and profits. This post is all about taxes on cryptocurrencies and how to calculate them wisely. Cryptocurrency tax laws differ across nations. Cryptocurrency has...

Sep 23 2021

Cryptocurrency Tax: What, How and Why

Sep 23 2021 Published at UseTheBitcoin under tags  cryptocurrency tax crypto news

The Cryptocurrency Bill, introduced earlier in the parliament, has created quite a stir in the market regarding the future of cryptocurrency trading in India. The status quo is […]

Aug 25 2021

Crypto Cards Arrive In Australia. What Are The Tax Implications?

The ability to spend crypto as easily as one might spend traditional fiat currency has long been sought after by many. The rise of new crypto cards in Australia promises users the luxury of spending their digital assets as they would traditional currency. This could arguably close one of the last significant gaps between decentralized currency and fiat currency. Related Reading |...

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