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Aug 08 2022

Best 10 Crypto Wallets In 2022

No matter if you are a HODLer, a day trader who has a high-risk tolerance, or an NFT flipper, you need one of the best crypto wallets either way. Technically, you can store all of your digital assets on one or more crypto exchanges. However, if you want to sleep tight at night, a crypto wallet is the way to go since it...

Jun 28 2022

Hippo Wallet Launches: to Add New Innovative Dimension for Cryptocurrencies Transactions and Blockchain Interactions

Hippo Wallet has launched. The non-custodial and completely private wallet is designed to offer seamless crypto transactions, maximum security and anonymity to users.

May 26 2022

Atomic Wallet Guide: A Beginner’s Guide on the Non-Custodial Wallet

Atomic Wallet is a non-custodial multi-currency wallet that supports cross- chain asset management; it lets users exchange cryptocurrencies from separate blockchains without requiring a third party (known as an atomic swap) such as a cryptocurrency exchange. For example, making a transaction between...

May 18 2022

Robinhood To Launch Its Non-Custodial Crypto Wallet This Year

Although Robinhood is particularly famous for the GameStop debacle from 2021, its presence in the crypto space only became strong since the meme coin craze that started around September 2021. Today, the exchange is evolving and...

Robinhood Launching Web3 Wallet to Streamline Access to DeFi and NFTs

Popular stock and crypto trading platform Robinhood is launching a Web3-focused digital wallet that lets users connect with decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible token (NFT) products and services. With the launch of a non-custodial crypto wallet, Robinhood is entering the space currently dominated by the likes of MetaMask and Trust Wallet.

May 17 2022

Coinbase Bankruptcy Woes Highlight The Importance of Non-Custodial Crypto Wallets

Coinbase added a risk disclosure in the latest earnings report, confirming how users would not have asset protection if Coinbase files for bankruptcy. Despite CEO Brian Armstrong confirming "funds are safe", you should transfer your coins to a non-custodial wallet.

May 03 2022

The Best Type Of Crypto Wallet For 2022

A cryptocurrency wallet is a must-have tool if you already have or want to buy a cryptocurrency. A wallet is an application, device or way to store cryptocurrencies, and in most cases, cryptocurrencies can be sent directly from them. In this text, we will explain which types of wallets exist and give examples of them. This is a great text if you are...

Mar 17 2022

Crypto Wallet MetaMask Reaches 30M Users Milestone, ConsenSys’ Valuation Increases to $7B

Digital wallet MetaMask, one of the most popular gateways to the world of decentralized finance (DeFi) and Web3, has reportedly surpassed the 30 million monthly active users (MAUs) milestone. The growth of ConsenSys’ flagship crypto wallet offering can not be overstated - in the last four months, its user base increased by more than 40%. For further context, the wallet had just 5...

FTX Pay – A Secure Fiat and Crypto Gateway For your Site, App, or Store

FTX Pay is a low-cost payment processor that can facilitate both cryptocurrency and fiat payments

Feb 28 2022

BlockWallet Launches Browser Wallet Solution With Focus on Web3 and Privacy

Tallinn-headquartered crypto company BlockWallet has launched its non- custodial browser extension wallet, allowing users to store funds and interact with decentralized finance (DeFi) applications in a secure and private manner.

Feb 08 2022

Top 6 Investment Tips for Cryptocurrency Beginners

Investing in Bitcoin is quite simple. It only takes a Bitcoin wallet account and sufficient funds that you are willing to spend to get started. Read on to find out more about cryptocurrency, ways of constructing an investing strategy, and how to set up a crypto wallet.

Dec 09 2021

Safle Raised $4 Million to Launch Multi-Chain Identity Wallet in a Private Founding Round Led by MapleBlock and GSR

Safle, a blockchain infrastructure provider aiming to provide market-leading interoperability solutions for digital identity, has announced it raised $4 million in the recently concluded private funding round.

Coinbase Lists Six New ERC-20 Tokens, Including Polkastarter (POLS) and SuperFarm (SUPER)

Coinbase has expanded its repertoire of tradeable crypto assets by adding support for IDEX (IDEX), Moss Carbon Credit (MCO2), Polkastarter (POLS), ShapeShift FOX Token (FOX), Spell Token (SPELL), and SuperFarm (SUPER).

Nov 18 2021

MetaMask Monthly Active User Count Increases 38x Year-Over-Year, ConsenSys’ Valuation Jumps to $3.2 Billion

On Wednesday, ConsenSys, a leading software engineering company in the blockchain sector, announced the successful completion of a $200 million funding round, which puts the Web3 company’s valuation at $3.2 billion. The cryptocurrency firm took the opportunity to unveil impressive yearly results of its flagship digital wallet product MetaMask.

Nov 10 2021

More Than 1.6 Million Robinhood Users Await Cryptocurrency Wallet Feature, Shiba Inu Listing

Christine Brown, Robinhood’s chief operating officer (COO) was interviewed during Tuesday’s Crypto Goes Mainstream event hosted by Yahoo Finance and Decrypt, where she was asked about the possibility of Robinhood listing Shiba Inu (SHIB) and talked about the growing waitlist for the cryptocurrency wallet.

Nov 09 2021

You Can Now Use Coinbase Wallet as a Standalone Browser Extension

On Monday, Coinbase launched its version of a cryptocurrency wallet as a standalone browser extension. With the latest update, Coinbase Wallet users can access their NFTs, store and transfer more than 500 supported digital assets, and trade their crypto on various decentralized exchanges from the comfort of their browser.

Oct 04 2021

Why a Secure Cryptocurrency Wallet is Vital

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are steadily growing in popularity and are moving even closer to the mainstream of financial business and investing. More outlets and institutions are accepting and trading in digital currencies. The steadily rising value of different forms of cryptocurrency is encouraging more people, experts and beginners alike, to see them as a sound investment. However, to enter the thriving world of...

Sep 22 2021

Robinhood to Debut Crypto Wallets Next Month, Here Are the Things You Can Do With it

Nasdaq-listed multi-asset brokerage Robinhood Markets Inc has announced that Crypto Wallet will be integrated into its application, and will be rolled out as early as next month. According to a Wednesday blog post, the trading platform, renowned for its commission-free trading models, said the testing for the new crypto wallets will first be opened to The post Robinhood to Debut Crypto Wallets Next...

Mar 22 2021

Coinomi Wallet Complete Guide

Coinomi wallet is among the most known and used virtual currency wallets in the crypto market. It offers users a mobile and desktop version with a focus on […]

Feb 02 2021

Want to own Bitcoins? Follow these 5 steps

Cryptocurrency is still the most discussed and is still receiving close reviews in the financial world. With having ample knowledge, it is the proper time to invest in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins. The article probes into different ways in which you can invest in bitcoins and own some. Follow these simple yet meaningful steps to own bitcoins.

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