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Mar 22 2021

Coinomi Wallet Complete Guide

Coinomi wallet is among the most known and used virtual currency wallets in the crypto market. It offers users a mobile and desktop version with a focus on […]

Feb 02 2021

Want to own Bitcoins? Follow these 5 steps

Cryptocurrency is still the most discussed and is still receiving close reviews in the financial world. With having ample knowledge, it is the proper time to invest in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins. The article probes into different ways in which you can invest in bitcoins and own some. Follow these simple yet meaningful steps to own bitcoins.

Jan 27 2021

Crypto Wallet Security in 2021

Over the past few years, cryptocurrencies, specifically Bitcoin, were in rightful contention for the title – word of the decade. While that may have gone by the wayside, there is no doubt that digital coins marked the second half of the past decade and are slowly changing the world.

Jan 25 2021

Cryptocurrency Wallets Explained: Software vs. Hardware vs. Paper Wallets

Whether you are completely new to the cryptocurrency space or already an experienced crypto HODLer, you have almost certainly used a cryptocurrency wallet before. But what exactly is a wallet and how does it interact with the blockchain? How do users prove ownership over the coins on the blockchain and which types of wallets exist? In this article we aim to answer all...

Jan 12 2021

Should You Use Multiple Cryptocurrency Wallets?

As more people enter the cryptocurrency ecosystem than ever, it’s important to rehash a few common concerns about keeping cryptocurrency safe. Many beginner to intermediate-level users wonder whether or not they should have a dedicated cryptocurrency wallet for each digital asset. One of the best ways to guarantee security, beyond...

Jan 01 2021

Dash Launches Public Alpha for Social Payments Wallet

Dash has launched a public alpha for DashPay, a social cryptocurrency wallet, to deliver a seamless user experience with human-readable usernames, contact lists, and profile pictures. This experience addresses the most significant barriers to...

Dec 30 2020

Things to Know Before Investing in Cryptocurrency

The world of cryptocurrencies continues to grow at breakneck speed. However, jumping into a crypto investment without a deep understanding of its market, possibilities, and threats might appear to be risky and unprofessional. There are lots of things you should know beforehand, like how to choose the best crypto exchange or the safest crypto wallet to fit your needs, and lots of other...

Dec 22 2020

FinCEN Proposes New Regulations for Cryptocurrency Wallets

FinCEN, a part of the U.S. Treasury, proposed new rules that could substantially impact cryptocurrency users in the United States if they come into effect. According to the proposed rules, cryptocurrency businesses would have to report transactions from their platforms to private cryptocurrency wallets, and keep a record of the recipient’s identity.

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