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Jul 06 2021

Cryptopia Ex-employee Admits $172,000 Theft From Exchange

Reading Time: 2 minutesA New Zealand man has pleaded guilty to stealing $172,000 worth of cryptocurrencies from the hot wallets of former exchange Cryptopia The former employee stole the private keys and accessed the wallets from home in late 2020 He was rumbled when liquidators noticed...

Mar 09 2021

Uniswap Airdrop Value Passes $13,000

Reading Time: 2 minutes Uniswap airdrop holders have been rewarded for their strong hands as their 400 tokens passed $13,000 in value The airdrop, which was handed out in September, bottomed out at $1.80 in November The rise in value reinforces the power of the HODL...

Feb 25 2021

Leverage Trading – Three Reasons Why You Should Avoid It

Feb 25 2021 Published at FullyCrypto under tags  cryptopia opinions trading

Reading Time: 3 minutes Leverage trading can appear to be a quick and easy way to make a big win Crypto Twitter is bursting with alleged profits from a single, high leverage trade Most traders should avoid the lure of leverage trading Leverage trading is easier...

Feb 22 2021

Cryptopia Lost $40,000 Worth of XSN Tokens

Reading Time: 2 minutes $33,000 worth of Stakenet (XSN) tokens were moved from the Cryptopia exchange in early February The 100,000 tokens were moved from a Cryptopia hot wallet without Stakenet’s knowledge The move may have been an accidental transfer by Grant Thornton...

Dec 11 2020

Users of Hacked Exchange Cryptopia Can Now Make Claims to Recover Funds

Dec 11 2020 Published at CoinDesk under tags  business cryptopia liquidations news new zealand

The liquidator of the defunct cryptocurrency exchange has opened a portal so former users can begin making claims to retrieve their trapped funds.

Sep 21 2020

Cryptopia Plans Victim Claimant Portal By End of 2020

Reading Time: 2 minutes Cryptopia victims may be on the verge of getting some of their funds back The exchange’s liquidator announced that a claimant platform should be ready by the end of the year Some $16 million in user funds was stolen from the exchange in 2019,...

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