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May 10 2022

Why More Than 100,000 Cubans Are Using Cryptocurrencies

May 10 2022 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  crypto cryptocurrency news cuba sanctions

Cryptocurrency adoption is still growing on a global scale despite the market downturn. Cuba is the latest country to see more citizens using crypto. Cubans are turning to cryptocurrencies in increasing numbers to circumvent sanctions imposed by the United States. An estimated 100,000 Cubans now use cryptocurrencies, according to an NBC...

May 03 2022

100,000 Cubans Are Using Bitcoin In Response To U.S. Sanctions

May 03 2022 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  bitcoin business cuba news sanctions

A report from NBC News states over 100,000 Cubans are using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to escape harsh conditions created by international sanctions.A report from NBC states over 100,000 Cubans are using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The adoption of cryptocurrencies was driven largely by mobile internet access which was only provided to Cubans three years ago. The need...

Apr 28 2022

Cuba embraces crypto regulation with new directive

Apr 28 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  adoption bitcoin cuba

The Cuban central bank issued new directives for virtual assets service providers operating in the country to increase regulation of the crypto industry, Reuters reported. Cuba...

Cuba’s Central Bank Announces Digital Asset License For Crypto Companies

The Cuban central bank released regulations for virtual asset service providers on Tuesday, a move that some experts believe could help the Communist-run Caribbean island avoid hefty US sanctions. Cuban Central Bank Announces Crypto License The Central Bank of Cuba (BCC) has declared that virtual asset service companies would be granted licenses. The license will be available to both Cuban and foreign individuals...

Apr 27 2022

Cuba to issue license for virtual asset service providers (VASPs)

Apr 27 2022 Published at Coinscreed under tags  bcc cuba license news vasps

The central bank of Cuba has announced that it will start issuance of licenses to virtual assets service providers in the country, the license will be for anyone seeking to provide virtual assets-related services. The country's national bank, Banco Central de Cuba (BCC), said on April 26 that it will issue licenses to virtual asset […]

Who And Why Received The 5 BTC In Grants From The Human Rights Foundation?

For the second quarter of 2012, the Human Rights Foundation’s Bitcoin Development Fund distributed 500 million satoshis in grants. The receiving projects came from “Cuba, Turkey, Pakistan, Ghana, Venezuela, Burma, and beyond,” according to Chief Strategy Officer Alex Gladstein. In this round, the Human Rights Foundation focused on “Bitcoin software development, community building, censorship monitoring, translation and design.”...

Mar 17 2022

Latin America, Tipping Point: The Region Flirts With & Rejects Cryptocurrencies

Typical Latin America. The region as a whole is having a love/hate relationship with cryptocurrencies. On the one hand, apparently, crypto remittances in Brazil, Argentina, and Venezuela grew 900% last year....

Mar 16 2022

Can QvaPay Break Through Cuba’s Embargo? Or, Is It A Governmental Spy Tool?

The debate around QvaPay is just starting. On the one hand, the app is a solution for Cubans abroad to send money to their loved ones on the island. On the other, it’s accused of being a surveillance tool for the Cuban Government. Let’s start from the beginning, though. Last week, an article in Coindesk made the rounds inside bitcoin circles....

Oct 27 2021

Latin America, Tipping Point: Bitcoin Beach Brazil, Colombia ATMs, Mining Arg

Did we overestimate Latin America’s interest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? Even though the continent seems to need the technology the most, mainstream adoption feels so far away. The El Salvador experiment might change that, but it’s not a guarantee. And, so far, there are no major indicators that any other country is going to follow suit. Is it too early for this...

Aug 28 2021

Latin America, Tipping Point: Cuba Regulates, Honduras ATM, Venezuela Spends

Is Latin America in the eye of the storm that’ll reshape the world? The region certainly benefits from the existence of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Latin America needs hedges against inflation and a quick and easy way to send remittances. The cheaper the fees, the better. And when you truly need something, you’re bound to understand it. You have bigger incentives to study,...

Aug 27 2021

Cuba To Recognize And Regulate Bitcoin and Other Cryptos

Aug 27 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  bitcoin cuba cuban culture government

On Thursday the Cuban government said it would “recognize and regulate” Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on the island.On Thursday Cuba’s government said it would “recognize and regulate” Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for payments on the island, Bloomberg reported. The local Cuban Official Gazette has published a resolution which stated that the central bank will create...

Aug 11 2021

Inside Cuba’s Bitcoin Revolution

As political demonstrations show the world that Cubans are tired of dictatorship, Bitcoin is providing an option to peacefully protest and opt out of a broken system.Lucia is a 30-year-old medical worker and Bitcoin user living in Matanzas, a city of about 150,000 people sitting about 50 miles east of Havana on Cuba’s northern coast. Named after an aboriginal rebellion against Spanish...

May 15 2021

Top Crypto News: 05/14

Bitcoin held strong and then bounced back a little. It is now holding strong at $50,078 at the time of publication. This shows that the current market is fundamentally strong and can not be easily manipulated by a...

Nov 17 2020

Western Union Suspends US Dollar Transfers to Cuba

The move follows the latest sanction from the Trump administration.

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